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Are you looking for an easy yet fun ways to earn a little extra cash? Then I’ve got you covered! Recently, I was browsing the web in search of fantastic things that one could make and sell and came across tons of pretty things that looked quite easy to make.

With the mindset of looking at things that I would actually buy or many people, I came across the following tutorials that will do the trick. I’m not sure about you but I feel like making stuff yourself and selling them is actually quite pleasing.

Thanks to Etsy, we can actually have our stuff open to many people around the world. I’ll definitely be linking to a site that will give you fantastic tips to succeed on Etsy if you’re interested.

Below includes a variety of things that one could make like sewing projects, dollar store crafts, home decor objects, gifts and much more.


From what I’ve noticed over the last year or so, bath bombs have continued to be quite popular and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to fade away anytime soon. You can easily make different kinds of bath bombs and I’m sure this one, will become quite in demand during the holidays or special days.


Talk about being creative. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coaster as creative as this one here. Mainly consisting of cutting pencils into small sizes and sticking them together. I may take some time but the end result is gorgeous!


via designmom

How classy and expensive does this look? This would absolutely make a perfect gift for moms or housewarming gift. This consists of a three piece set which seems highly likely that it people will go gaga over this during the holidays! All you will need to make this is wooden cutting board and an etching tool for the first project.


via diycandy and diyjoy

One of the most common gifts that are sold are mugs and this mug is actually done with nail polish. As cheap and easy as the whole process is, it turns out really great. We recently did a list of nail polish crafts, do check it out to see what other awesome things you can make using it.


I’m a lover of notebooks and most of the time, I end up buying them just for the sake of having them. This pretty pocket notebook is actually much easier to make than it looks. All it really takes is a cereal box, paper, needle and string and you’ve got yourself an awesome looking notebook.


A great project for the home decor is this seashell mirror. However, as pretty as it looks just like this, I believe it would look even better with a little color, don’t you agree?


via darbysmart

This styling of earrings are quite popular and I too am a huge fan of them, plus selling jewelry tends to do really well. Learn how to make your very own double pearl earrings with this super easy tutorial that takes you step by step through the entire process.


Hand warmers are very useful during winter and the fall and these ones are honestly the best patterns that I’ve seen. It’s very easy to sew and they also will make a cute yet thoughtful gift.


Wired bookmarks are hot and you won’t believe how many bookworms love them. Learn how to create this gorgeous wired bookmark with the tutorial above.


These pretty wall art frames are made from using fabric. It’s a cheap way to make a plain wall look great. All one will need to make this is frames, fabric, hot glue, hammer, and nails.

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