8 Best Bullet Journal Mood Trackers You’ll Rock

Bullet Journal Mood Trackers

Recently, I bought a new bullet journal but was soon disappointed with how the ink leaked through the page. That was a bummer. But it didn’t stop me from my obsession! Since it’s a new month, I thought I’d do something different and add a mood tracker. It’s a fun daily activity that ensures you bullet journal at least once during the day.

Although, I’m not so much as a creative person when it comes to drawing and these ideas below works really well for recreating. So, if you’re looking for easy mood trackers you can draw to fill up your bullet journal every month then the following list is perfect for you.

Let’s draw, shall we? 🙂

1. Geometric Mood Tracker

Idea from Instagram

This geometric bullet journal mood tracker is perfect for those in keeping with a modern minimalistic look. Also, I’m sure it will look gorgeous once completed, especially with the shades of light blue, purple, and grey which will keep you motivated to finish it.

2. Year In Pixels

Idea from instagram

I love this ordinary mood tracker, however, the only flaw is how much time and patience is required to draw the boxes but definitely worth the effort. Here you have the months written on top and the dates on the side.

3. Side By Side Tracker

Idea from instagram

This mood tracker is great if you also want to track your sleep patterns too. It makes it convenient having them side by side. Another thing is that instead of coloring in the wheel, you’re going to draw a pattern as shown in the key. Super fun and creative.

4. Pineapple Mood Tracker

Idea from instagram

Whenever I see pineapples, I think Psyche (Tv Series). Just me? C’mon son! 😉 Anyway, this is a very creative design that will be really fun to draw and color in every day. I highly recommend it.

5. Cheerful Mood Tracker

Idea from instagram

Looking for a bit of color in your life? Then you have to try out this fun, cheerful mood tracker. Looks a bit like a rainbow, right?

6. Black And White Mood Habit Tracker

Idea from instagram

This mood tracker also works for a minimalistic mood tracker and if you just want to create something simple and quick.

7. Tea Cup Mood Tracker

Idea from instagram

Who can resist this adorable teacup mood tracker! Your bad mood will definitely fade after seeing this cute face.

8. Balloon Mood Tracker

Idea from instagram

I highly recommend this balloon mood tracker if it’s your birthday month.

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