6 Super Smart Ways To Organize Your Garage

I have a serious love-hate relationship with my garage. It never seems to look good but in times of need, I somehow (magically) stumble across the thing I need.

But, I’m so sick of it being disorganized that I’ve made it a personal mission to give it somewhat of a transformation with the help of my brother.

Before we can get started, I needed to narrow down my list of upgrades which is what inspired this post on 6 super smart ways to organize a garage!

1. Tape Dispenser

Tape always comes in handy, especially if you’re into DIY and Crafts. Which is why this awesome tape dispenser is the perfect accessory to every Garage.

2. Wooden Screw Driver Holder

via lequitable

Tired of losing screwdrivers and digging through a box for the one you need? No problem, just get 30 – 90cm wooden plank, drill 15 – 20 holes and store your screwdrivers in them.

3. Magnetized Holder

Little stuff like beads, screws and bolts are always in need but scarce to find when in need. Make this great magnetized holder to keep them safe and easy to find.

4. Tin Can Storage

Who says you have to dispose of those empty corn and beans cans! Recycle them into perfect storage cans for your paintbrushes and pliers.

5. Wheeled Storage

This DIY is perfect for all those heavy to lift equipment in your Garage. Take a look at the tutorial below for more information.

6. Ceiling Storage With Slider

I absolutely love this tutorial to bits! If you’re working with a small garage but have too many things, this one is for you. Create this sliding storage facility to utilize the free space above your head. Just be sure to take extra precaution to avoid anything falling onto you or someone else.

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