8 Clever Storage Hacks That Will Make Your Home Look Chic

Organizing your home isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Especially, if you’re on a tight budget. Just a few little tricks here and there, your home will not only be organized at its best but it will upgrade your home decor too. Sort of a win-win situation. If there are small areas in your home that needs immediate attention, it’s better to start right away.

The following hacks are easy and cheap to do, and I promise you’re really going to enjoy doing them. I think when it comes to organizing, it doesn’t have to be a huge step at once, sometimes it’s much more manageable when you start off slowly and gradually start making it a habit otherwise you might feel like it’s too big of a job and forget about it (just me?).

Ha – I can go on and on about this so let’s not hold you up any longer. By the way, number 3 is super chic and smart!

1. Easy Ribbon Dispenser

Hack via styleathome

This is actually a paper towel holder! What a smart way to hold your ribbons and it’s actually very pretty too.

2. Colorful Bathroom Storage Bins

Hack via bhg

A great way to store cleaning and bathroom supplies is by using colorful and fancy metal storage boxes as shown above. Your bathroom will never look cluttered ever again.

3. Corral Mail in a Shower Caddy

Hack via countryliving

And this gorgeous piece is actually a shower caddy sprayed with gold paint!

4. Pretty Pen Holder

Hack via toriejayne

I have a ton of pens and pencils lying around on my desk and this would definitely improve any desk decor. It’s feminine and easy to make.

5. DIY Towel Rack

Hack via 11magnolialane

Repurpose a wine rack into a towel holder that will make your bathroom look like it walked out of a hotel!

6. Ikea Cart

Hack via countryliving

An Ikea cart is a great addition to add to the kitchen, especially if it’s a small kitchen. The cart on wheels make it easier to move around and you can store just about anything.

7. Kitchen Mason Jar Storage Containers

Hack via hometalk

Free up some of your cupboard space by storing utensils and baking tools in this fantastic mason jar holders. Head over to the tutorial to find out how to get this look.

8. Organized Craft Drawer

Hack via modishandmain.

I love this sneaky and crafty way to organize your drawers. This particular one shows you how to make use of cubbies to keep supplies neat and tidy.

In case you’re interested, do check out these cardboard box hacks that have a similar idea of using cardboard as separators and a few other awesome things you can do with them.

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The Storage Hacks For Small Spaces are brilliant! They're classy, chic and actually works really well. Great ways to organize the small things in your home.


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