9 Impressive Cardboard Box Hacks You’ll Definitely Want To Try

We usually order a lot of things online and unfortunately, the cardboard boxes keep piling up. Now, I’m the crafty person that loves to make things and saves these cardboard boxes hoping to do some fantastic thing out of them one day but when it comes to actually doing the project, all ideas fly out of my head.

Luckily enough, I came across these awesome new ways to repurpose them. Things that can actually be used in your home! Honestly, I’m so grateful for these bloggers and their genius ideas because some of them below are blow-your-mind kind of hacks.

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1. Drawer Dividers

Hack via thekrazycouponlady

My drawers are a complete mess and every time I do set it, it just ends up being a waste of time. With this great hack, you can ensure that your socks stay neatly in each section and this works pretty well for underwear too!

2. Upcycled Cardboard Lantern

Hack via etsy

These cardboard lanterns will make a wonderful addition to your desk or shelf decor. I know it looks hard and you’re thinking it must take forever to make however, it’s actually very easy to follow along.

3. Cardboard Marker Caddy

Hack via auntpeaches

If you’re a crafty person and find that you need an easy and cheap solution to store your supplies, then this one is perfect for you. It’s made from a cardboard shoe box and a few toilet roll holders.

4. Decoupage Cardboard Trays

Hack via karenkavett

These pretty cardboard trays are a must make project that is perfect for storing your accessories and making your decor look fabulous.

5. DIY Storage Box

Hack via hometalk

Turn an ordinary cardboard box into an awesome stray that can hold your beauty products.

6. DIY Desk Organizer

Hack via iheartorganizing

For a brilliant and cheap desk organizer, this hack will help solve all your problems. You’ll never find your desk getting messy again.

7. Decorative Recycled Cardboard Box

Hack via lookiewhatidid

Who would have thought this was made from a cardboard box? I literally took a second look just to be sure!

8. Washi Tape Dispenser

Hack via ourpeacefulplanet

Washi tape crafts are so much fun and I’m always purchasing new tapes every chance I get. This is a great way to store and display your washi tapes. It also makes them easily accessible and a great addition to your craft room.

9. Pretty Planter Box

Hack via hometalk

If you’re looking for a weekend DIY project you’ll actually enjoy and will definitely turn out looking as promised, then this planter box is a must try! You’ll have so much fun gluing the sticks together and loving the final product.

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Cardboard Box Hacks that are seriously SO AWESOME. I'm so glad I came across these DIY Cardboard Box Ideas. So many fantastic ways to improve your home decor and have fun too!

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