16 Best Bullet Journal Ideas Every Girl Needs

Keeping track of things that we have to do throughout the day, month or year can be a tough task. That’s why a bullet journal is the best thing you can start! Not only will you never miss another birthday or anniversary again, you’ll be able to have a creative and fun journal to record your entire year.

If you’re looking for the best bullet journal layouts that will make sure you stay organized all year round, keep track of special occasions, goals, and tasks, then these ideas will surely be of help to you. You’ll find just about every essential page you need in your bullet journal. Also, don’t stress too much about copying them exactly – just be yourself and let your creativity take charge! It’s personal, after all. 😉

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Index Spreads

  • Planner Key

via showmeyourplanner

  • The Birthday Layout

via hercampus

Keep track of all your family and friends birthday on one page!

Weekly Spreads

  • Weekly Spread

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This pretty in pink and blue weekly spread is perfect to quickly jot down a few things and it has a handy tracker for daily things.

  • Weekly Spread (Easy)

via hiphomeschoolingblog

If you need a quick weekly spread where you can write loads of things, then this will do the job.

  • Space Themed

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For something a little more challenging, why not try out this fantastic space-themed weekly spread? You’ll actually want to keep looking at the things you have to do!

Monthly Spreads

  • Monthly Spread

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This monthy spread is particularly great if you want to keep track of all stuff you have to during the month and it has a great second page to keep track of your habits and goals.

  • Monthly Events

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If you’re a lover of a minimalistic style, this monthly spread will help you organize your events in a neat and clean way.

Yearly Spreads

  • Easy Yearly Spread

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  • Future Log Plan

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Tracker Layouts

  • Meal Planner 

via thekitchn

This meal planner is perfect for those lazy girls (like myself) who don’t want to draw a meal planner weekly. Simply make use of sticky notes and you’ll be able to alternate.

  • Meal Planner With Shopping List

via nosleepforyou

This is a great way to make sure you have the ingredients and recipes for your meals on hand.

  • Savings Goal Tracker

via startamomblog

Looking to save some extra cash this year? This savings tracker will keep you motivated to complete your goal.

  • Habit Tracker

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A simple and efficient way to track multiple goals and habits at once.

  • Series Tracker

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  • Work Projects

via cpstudies

  • Debt Tracker

via lilgirlsummers

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These bullet journal ideas are so incredible! They're really helpful for organizing your life and keeping track of your goals. My favorites are the weekly and monthly spreads. Also, the meal planners are brilliant!


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