20 Best Paint Chip Craft Ideas You’ll Regret Not Knowing

DIY Paint Chips Crafts

The best DIY Crafts are ones which are easy, quick, doesn’t require a ton of stuff and turns out looking like a glorious masterpiece. And if you’ve come across paint chips before and tossed them away when you were done choosing colors for your walls, then you’re going to be crying buckets of tears after you check out all these fantastic things you can make with them.

Looking to create a pretty wall piece or maybe a fancy chandelier to even a modern and chic wall clock, you’ll find the best ways to make the ultimate use of them. Plus, it’s so fun to use paint chips! If you haven’t got a set of them yet, just head down over to a paint store and grab as many as you can.

Before you go, do make sure to catch this super epic list of things you can decorate using sharpies! Trust me, you really don’t want to miss this one either.

1. DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier

via heygorg

Create this gorgeous ombre chandelier with shades of pink paint swatches by cutting out 40-60 circles with a scalloped paper punch and attaching with tape.

2. DIY Popsicle Party Invitations

via sofestive

Get crafty with these super adorable ice cream invitations that are easy and quick to make! Perfect for a summer event or birthday party.

3. Mosaic Artwork

via confettiworkshop

As complicated as it may seem, this mosaic artwork is actually not that hard to make. All it takes is cutting the paint chips into a chipped tile shape and attaching to the heart. Hop over to the tutorial to find out the exact steps.

4. Hexagon Framed Artwork

via acharmingproject

Framed artworks can easily add a bit of uniqueness to any decor and this particular artwork is funky and modern.

5. Paint Chip Wreath

via styleathome

I’d say this is the perfect paper/cardboard wreath you’ll ever find. It ranges from shades of white, blue and green and cut into a leaf shape which is then folded in the middle. It may be considered time-consuming but it’s no doubt worth making.

6. Easy Paint Chip Mobile

via kirtsy

If the previous chandelier was a little too much for you, then you’ll be grateful for this easy and just as pretty paint chip mobile. Use a round paper punch to cut out the circles and attach with a white string.

7. Pretty Wrapped Present

via prettyhandygirl

This is a stunning way to wrap a present that will make the receiver jump for joy. Unique, easy and so, so pretty!

8. Paint Chip Clock

via kojo-designs

Spruce up an IKEA clock by adding a paint chip design to create a simple and fun sunshine clock that will brighten up a teen room decor.

9. DIY Paint Chip Calendar

via lisalovesjohn

So many times I set out to make my monthly calendar all pretty and detailed but then suddenly words get misspelled or events change and well, everything gets messed up and then you realize so much time has gone to waste. An easier way to ensure you have an editable calendar that also looks pretty is by framing the paint swatches and writing on the glass with an erasable marker. Clever, right?

10.  Paint Chip Menu Planner

via bombshellbling

Become super organized with this fantastic and creative idea similar to the above but instead, it’s used to keep track of monthly meals and ensure you’re prepared for the week.

11. Cute Paint Chip Orbs

via readymade.

12. Easy Paint Chip Garland

via jonesdesigncompany

13. Geometric Wall Art

via howaboutorange

14. Paint Chip Framed Calendar

via mapleandmagnolia

15. Paint Chip Bookmarks

via howaboutorange

16. Colorful Coasters

via craftycpa

17. Paint Swatch Boxes

via howaboutorange

18. Paper Heart Garland

via graceandlightstudio

19. DIY Gift Tags

via realsimple

20. Pretty Flowers

via hgtv

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DIY Paint Chip Crafts

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