25 Best DIY Slime Ideas That Are Beyond Genius

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, teen or adult, if there’s one thing that will turn a bad day into a better one it’s none other than a big slimy ball of goo oozing between your fingers. But first off, have you ever tried making your own DIY slime? Trust me when I say you’re never going to want to buy them after getting a taste of making your very own custom slime.

From a glittery mess, fluffy feel, cotton candy heaven to even edible slime, you’ll find out of this world diy slime ideas that are not only easy to make yourself but so much fun! It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual store-bought slime. Also, if you’re not so much into borax we’ve included recipes without it.

In case you’re a first timer at this particular diy craft, you might want to ensure that you have some of the following ingredients on hand: Glue, borax, liquid starch, glitter, water and an airtight container. Let us know in the comments below how awesome your new slime turned out!

1. DIY Glitter Slime

via apartyoffour

2. Candy Cane Slime

via thebestideasforkids

3. Galaxy Slime


via two-daloo

4. Magic Rainbow Slime

via momdot

5. Edible Slime From Starburst Candy

via teachbesideme

6. DIY Nebula Slime

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7. Frozen Inspired Silly Putty

via pagingfunmums

8. DIY Fluffy Slime

via youtube

9. DIY Ocean Slime

via littlebinsforlittlehands

10. DIY Star Confetti Slime

via littlebinsforlittlehand

11. DIY Winter Snowflake Slime

via littlebinsforlittlehand

12. Chocolate Stretchy Slime

via funathomewithkids

13. DIY Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

via leftbraincraftbrain

14. Rainbow Slime Without Borax

via momdot

15. No Borax Glitter Slime


via momluck

16. Three Ingredient Fluffy Slime

via sugarspiceandglitter

17. Hulk Slime

via mommadjane

18. Beauty & The Beast Slime

via asthebunnyhops

19. Dish Soap Putty

via onelittleproject

20. Rainbow Slime

via diyprojectsforteens

21. Silver and Gold Slime

via fun-a-day

22. Peppermint Slime

via mamaot

23. Two Ingredient Slime

via onelittleproject

24. Fluffy Sand Slime

via momdot

25. Ultimate Fluffy DIY Slime Ideas

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Easy and awesome diy slime recipe ideas

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