20 DIY Projects That Will Make Your Room More Cozy And Comfy

Your bedroom is a sanctuary and it’s the place that encompasses all of the wonderful and meaningful aspects of your personality. Now, I believe that regardless of how eccentric or boring you may think you are, there’s absolutely no way in hell you should be living in a cold, clinical room (let’s save that for hospitals).

Ever since we renovated our bedrooms this past October, I’ve put more emphasis on including warm and comfy features throughout our home which is what sparked my desire to find DIY projects that would suit my needs perfectly.

At the end of the day, after a long tiring day at work, you deserve to come home, kick your shoes off and just unwind in the comfort of your awesome room.

It doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money to make substantial and significant changes to your bedroom. All you need is the desire for cuteness and comfiness and everything will fall into place once you check out this list of 20 DIY projects that will make your room extremely cozy and comfy.

1. Gorgeous DIY Flower Wall 

via sweetteal

2. Super Colorful DIY Yarn Tassel

via tatertotsandjello

3. Cheap And Clean DIY Bed Canopy

via spindlesdesigns

4. Minimalistic DIY Bedroom Hammock

via abeautifulmess

5. DIY Hanging Plant Holder Shelf

via placeofmytaste

6. Repurpose Tin Cans Into A DIY Lamp

via decozilla

7. Mini DIY Succulent Terrarium

via greenweddingshoes

8. An Amazing DIY Tree Sculpture

via tomfo

9. Cheap And Elegant Corner Shelves For Ornaments And Plants

via 4men1lady

10. A Beautiful Floral Ribbon Lamp Shade


11. DIY Blooming Monogram With Gorgeous Flowers

via lulus

12. Another Gorgeous And Colorful Floral Decor Idea

via cupricks

13. Unique Instagram DIY Photo Display Project


14. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp With Candles

via apieceofrainbow

15. DIY Picture Frame Candle Box

via gwyl

16. DIY Ping Pong Balls String Lights Project

via thesurznickcommonroom

17. Cheap And Rustic DIY Bedside Table

via rogueengineer

18. DIY Photo Wall With String Lights

via urbanoutfitters

19. DIY Floating Wooden Side Table On Your Wall

via paintedtherapy

20. DIY Warm White String Lights Headboard 

via youtube

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