13 Exclusive DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas You Won’t Find In A Store

You might want to ask yourself this one question.

When it comes to receiving a gift, what is the first thing that catches your eye?

The way it’s wrapped, am I right?

As soon as gift-giving seasons come rolling in, I love to go crazy by blowing loved ones away with a pretty wrapped package.

Before they even open it up to see the gift, they’re already amazed and pleased by the wrapping.

I may be overthinking this but personally, I feel like gift wrapping is a cherry on top.

It’s like that tiny little cherry or ribbon that ties everything together, making it ten times more special.

Rather than those limited drab and standard gift wraps that stores offer us, I’m going to show you fantastic and creative ways to do it yourself that is quick and easy.

You’re going to love this, I promise!

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Gift Wrapping Ideas For Any Occasion

1. Polka Dots

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

I always love to start off simple and this particular diy gift wrap is just that.

It looks simple yet classy and all it takes is stamping dots onto brown (or black) wrapping paper by using this white stamp pad and the rubber on a pencil.

Yup, that easy! If you want to add a few more touches, tie it off with a white ribbon and add a paper flower on the top.

2. Painted On Bow

via mycakies

A stunningly creative idea for brown paper you definitely won’t go wrong with.

Recommended for even the most uncreative or crafty person, this brown paper gift wrapping entails painting a crisscross first and then a large bow.

3. Golden Stars

via lilblueboo

Oh boy, if you don’t love sharpies yet then you’re really going to love them now.

Simply use a metallic sharpie to draw stars on a black wrapping paper!

And to finish it off, tie a simple bow with twine.

Lil Blue Boo also gives us a fantastic idea by using the same metallic sharpie to customize journals!

4. Washi Tape

via almostmakesperfect

As a lover of washi tape, this one is right up my alley. To get this look, just cut a few strips of washi tape and stick. Then tie it off with a white ribbon and personalized gift tag!

Just a side note: these washi tapes are just amazing!

5. Cute Animals

via blog.bog-ide

The cutest animal gift wrap that will have your kid instantly squealing with joy at first sight.

6. Personalized Wrapping

via boxwoodclippings

As soon as I saw this one, I immediately loved it! It’s a great way to personalize a gift without making it look tacky.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact place to buy these cut outs but it looks easy enough to make it yourself.

7. Thank You

via mayholicraft

This gift wrapping idea is perfect for the fall season or as a Thanksgiving gift.

There’s not much to this diy since you’re just stamping leaves onto brown wrapping paper, tying the gift with a green or purple ribbon and just adding a few final details like twine, beads and a gift tag.

8. The Perfect Bow

via chatelaine

I’m not sure if you’ve experienced this before but have you ever had that moment when you decided you’re going to tie a really nice bow but the end result ends up looking like a sorry mess of one?

I just want to do a face palm right now.

This tutorial shows us how to tie a luxurious bow that will really make your gift stand out!

It sure does look mind-blowingly difficult but looks are deceiving because it’s actually quite easy.

9. Pretty Blue Bow

via alifeofgeekery

Similar to a store bow, this particular pretty blue bow can really upgrade these boring brown wrapping paper.

All it really involves is a little stapling and you’ll be hooked!

10. Glitter Twine Bow

via damasklove

Although quite a few things are needed to make this one, the prettiness is too hard to resist.

Luckily for us, there’s even a video tutorial! Head over to check out the full step by step instructions.

11. Heart Cut Outs

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

Way to send a love message!

This gorgeous gift wrapping involves a brown wrapping paper, secondary glitter paper, x-acto knife, and a cutting board.

All you have to do is draw a heart shape onto the wrapping paper and use the x-acto knife to cut out one-half of the heart and fold over so that the red glitter paper peeks through.

Really easy, right!

12. Scarf Gift Wrap

via polkadotbride

Check out this awesome tutorial that shows you how to make use of a pretty scarf and fold it the right way and finished with gift tag and a fresh flower. So pretty!

13. Gold Tipped Feathers

via liagriffith

I always tend to leave the best for last and this feather gift wrap is 100% the best!

If you’re a lover of paper crafts, then this one is for you!

Complete with a pdf template and instructions, you’ll find yourself flying through it with joy!

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