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A clogged toilet can quickly turn a good day into a bad day. To get your toilet function properly again

your first reaction is often to call your local friendly plumber out. But what if you can’t get your plumber to come quickly or you have guests coming over and want to make sure that everything is spotless.

This is where you will need some of the best DIY tricks to unclog your toilet.

A most common way to unclog the toilet is using the plunger, however this sometimes doesn’t work as the toilet refuses to let go. Now you can use either your dish soap or shampoo and pour it into the toilet bowl. Pour some of it into the toilet and let it be for next 30 minutes. The dish soap or shampoo has lubricant effect and help in unclogging the toilet. But the job is still left, as you will have to pour in hot water to ensure everything goes down the drain.

There are numerous other nifty ways through which you can unclog your toilet. To learn more about them, check out the infographic below by Legendary Home Services.

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