10 Pantry Organization Ideas That Are Easier Than You Think

Feeling frustrated and miserable looking at your messy and cluttered pantry? Before you go ripping your hair out, there’s a much easier way to turn that disaster into a pantry that works well for you. Not only will you finally be able to cook in peace and find ingredients quickly, you’ll also find ways to make your pantry look beautiful.

Check out the following organization ideas that are bound to transform your kitchen into a neat and tidy place. The best part though is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either! Most of this stuff you can find at the dollar store. I swear you’re going to love these!

1. The Pretty Makeover

Hack via classyclutter

Give your pantry a complete makeover with this beautifully organized pantry that makes use of large white containers and glass jars.

2. Clear Containers

Hack via justagirlandherblog

If you really want an organized pantry, then you’ll have to get rid of the packets. Rather invest in clear containers for your flours, sugar, oats and other baking supplies. You could also make use of plastic cups to store the small things as shown above. Pretty awesome, right?

3. Install Door Storage

Hack via fourgenerationsoneroof

For an amazing hack that will create more space is this baby over here. Simply install a few wire baskets on your pantry door.

4. Pantry Organizing – The Dollar Tree

Hack via passionatepennypincher

Over at the Dollar Tree, you can get these cheap baskets of different sizes that will make storing products better.

5. Hang A Shoe Organizer

Hack via moneysavingqueen

If you’re not into installing wire baskets on your door but looking for an easier option, then this shoe organizer will do the trick!

6. Make Use of Clear Containers

Hack via thethriftyhome

Oh my word! What a huge difference plastic containers make. It would definitely be worth your while if you implement this clever hack.

7. Install Towel Rods For Lids

Hack via worthingcourtblog

This is a great way to store all those bulky and heavy pot lids by installing towel racks on your pantry door.

8. Binder Clip Hack

Hack via facebook

Use binder clips to hang packets of chips and food.

9. Use Mesh Laundry Bags

Hack via jewelpie

Mesh laundry bags are great for storing onions, garlic, and potatoes since they air so well.

10. Mason Jar Storage

Hack via tablefortwoblog

Keep cupcake liners neat and clean by placing them in a mason jar. Also, they just end up looking very pretty.

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These Pantry Organization Ideas work really well! Great way to give your kitchen pantry a complete makeover without spending too much.


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