17 DIY Decorated Candle Ideas You’ll Love

How huge is your love for candles? To be more specific, how much do you love making your own candles? Well, one thing is for sure, I go gaga for them. There’s just something incredible and addictive when it comes to you diy candles. It’s easy to make and you get to go wild with it! However, in this particular compilation, we’re about to show you a little something different.

Instead of making the candle (maybe a little bit of that too), we’re actually going to be decorating the outside of the candle! Ever seen those fancy candles with cute wrappings and personalized photos? With the awesome goodies we’ve got in store for you today, you’re really going to love making and decorating the candles. Also, if you weren’t so much into do it yourself candles before, you’re really not going to stop after trying out these tutorials.

Just a heads up: If you’re looking for a great DIY gift for a loved one, these decorated candles are a definite winner! Also, do head over to list of 20 Unique And Easy DIY Candles that are perfect for beginners or pros.

1. DIY Photo Candle

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2. Cinnamon Stick Decorated Candle


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3.  Seashell Candles

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4. Easy Glitter Candles

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5. Jem Stone Candles

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6. Painted Candle Centerpiece

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7. Fall Farmhouse Candles

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8. Faux Flowers and Ribbon Decorated Candle

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9. Epic Ice Candle

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10. Doctor Who Printed Candles

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11. Easy Personalized Candles


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12. Gold Glitter Candles

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13. Christmas Candle Decorating

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14. Washi Tape Candle

via titicrafty

15. Vintage Candles

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16. Shell Flowerpots

via marthastewart

17. Grass Candle

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