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As much as I love doing DIY Crafts, I’m bound to make a mess. The funny thing though is that you can’t avoid it and most diy’s are pretty messy, especially those involving glitter crafts.

Oh, the glitter.

Ever had that eye popping moment when your elbow knocks over a container of glitter at that exact moment when you’re just about done with your beautiful creation on your newly vacuumed carpet?

Oh, the horror.

What about that moment when you’re trying to untangle a certain ribbon you bought a while back and it ends up with being all creased and ugly? Yup, no fun at all.

That’s why I’ve taken the initiative to find the some of the best inexpensive ways to make crafting easier and more fun so that you can enjoy making anything you want faster and in a better way. Hopefully, it also inspires you take on more do it yourself projects.

1. Clean up glitter the easy way with a lint roller

Hack found from: bhg

Another way to control glitter by spraying the tray with nonstick cooking spray.

2. Keep your yarn in order by using a colander

Hack found from: realsimple 

3. Use a light bulb to get rid of creases from a ribbon

Hack found from: bhg

4. Repurpose a toilet roll holder into yarn winder

Hack found from: laughingpurplegoldfish

5. Use clothespins to wrap your embroidery floss

Hack found from: heatherjslife

6. Use a spice rack to store smaller craft items

Hack found from: madefrompinterest

7. Use an ice tray to store sequence and beads

Hack found from: thecrazycraftlady

8. Ran out of stamps? Make your own stamp by using foam

Hack found from: themetapicture

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