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An organized closet has many benefits. In addition to making dressing in the morning more satisfying, good closet organization can reduce homeowner stress and help stage a home when it comes time to sell. Closet organization is more challenging than it sounds, and many homeowners struggle to make the most of the space in their closet.

Cut Back Clutter

Clutter is the enemy when trying to organize a closet at home. Cutting back on clutter can make the task of organizing your closet easier and more enjoyable. Sort through your clothes, old bills, magazines, shoes and other items that don’t need to be readily available.

Sell, recycle, discard or donate what you can before trying to organize the rest. Remove the items you plan to keep but don’t need to have in that particular closet. Limit the contents of the closet to one or two types of items. For example, you may designate the contents of the closet to holiday decorations only. By making a plan of what you’ll want in each closet beforehand, you’ll be able to throw out or move around items much more quickly.

Make a Plan

After determining what should stay in the closet, make a plan. Many closet organizing projects involve installation of shelves, drawers and other storage tools.

When formulating the plan, do the following:

  • Take Inventory: Take inventory of everything that needs to be stored in the closet, and estimate how much storage space the closet will need to fit your personal effects.
  • Take Measurements: Measure the dimensions of the closet and make a small map of the closet’s interior. This will make it easier to decide what storage options are right for your needs.
  • Do Some Research: Most big box stores, home improvement centers and hardware stores have many different closet storage options. Find out what kind of storage is available before deciding on the right type for your needs.

Use All the Space

Many closets have oodles of unused space near the ceiling. Installing extra shelves and other storage options up near the top of the closet will expand your closet’s storage capabilities by leaps and bounds. When it’s time to use those high up shelves, use them to store things you need only occasionally. Keep everything you need on a regular basis near the floor where they can be reached.

DIY Triangular Shoe Racks

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To fight the nightmare of having your shoes mixed up, this storage hack takes pieces of cardboard and solves your storage problem in a clean and stylish way.

Find the diy hack here.

Use Modular Storage Options

Plastic modular storage is designed to fit together neatly in the space provided. Modular pieces often stack easily without falling over, which makes it easier to fit as much as possible into your closet. Using modular storage solutions will ensure that all space is utilized to its fullest extent.

Choose Attractive Storage Containers

When choosing storage bins for your closet, you’ll be faced with the choice between modular plastic bins and more upscale containers. Attractive storage containers like baskets and boxes lined with handsome fabric may cost a little extra, but these storage bins will look better if your closet happens to be left open when company comes to visit or if you need attractive staging to sell your home to picky buyers.

DIY Baskets For Increased Closet Space

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Often at times, many don’t realise how great and useful the back of your closet door can be. This diy shows you how to make use of your door simply by using storage baskets.

Found from The Avid Appetite

Start With One Closet

Organizing all the closets in your home is a valiant exercise. However, closet organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The first closet you organize may take extra time, and you may even make some mistakes during the process.

To ensure success with your project, start with just one closet and move on to other closets in your home after completing the first closet. This way, you’ll learn lessons and improve your method with the first closet, which will make you an expert when finishing the other closets in your home.

Article written by Gary Ashton

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