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10 Best Habit Trackers For Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journal habit tracker

Habit trackers are a great way to keep you accountable for the things you do. Having them on one page also saves space and time, while also cutting down on the effort. Though, in all honesty, they’re just very fun to do daily. If you’re in need of fantastic ideas to boost your creativity when […]


6 Amazing Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

bullet journal monthly spreads

Whether you’re new to bullet journalling or an expert, you’re bound to love these monthly layout ideas. I’m actually quite new to this and totally in love with it. I never realized how much I loved drawing until I started one. At first, you may get a little lost on what to draw or how, […]


8 Best Bullet Journal Mood Trackers You’ll Rock

Bullet Journal Mood Trackers

Recently, I bought a new bullet journal but was soon disappointed with how the ink leaked through the page. That was a bummer. But it didn’t stop me from my obsession! Since it’s a new month, I thought I’d do something different and add a mood tracker. It’s a fun daily activity that ensures you […]


16 Best Bullet Journal Ideas Every Girl Needs

Keeping track of things that we have to do throughout the day, month or year can be a tough task. That’s why a bullet journal is the best thing you can start! Not only will you never miss another birthday or anniversary¬†again, you’ll be able to have a creative and fun journal to record your […]