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8 Genius Valentine Pun Gifts You’ll Fall In Love With

Whenever Valentine’s day comes rolling in, there’s one thing I’m sure to make every single year – punny gifts. These adorable pun gifts will seriously make you laugh your ass off! It’s a great way to gift a loved one and get all giddy when they’re about to open it. The smiles induced are better […]


16 Easy Mason Jar Cookie Recipes You’ll Go Crazy For

Struggling to find the perfect, heartwarming gift to give to your loved one this Christmas? Or maybe you want to treat yourself because damn you deserve it! Then how about a custom cookie jar that is filled with love. Perfect for those that are clueless when it comes to baking or for those that are […]


26 Incredibly Cute Mason Jar Gifts Everyone Will Adore

It’s weird to think that something as simple as a mason jar you can find in a grocery store can be used to create gifts that are so damn cute. One of the wonderful things about the world of Crafts and DIY is getting to witness, first hand, how creativity is expressed through the simplest […]