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20 Best Paint Chip Craft Ideas You’ll Regret Not Knowing

DIY Paint Chips Crafts

The best DIY Crafts are ones which are easy, quick, doesn’t require a ton of stuff and turns out looking like a glorious masterpiece. And if you’ve come across paint chips before and tossed them away when you were done choosing colors for your walls, then you’re going to be crying buckets of tears after […]


31 Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas That Are Basically Magic

When you’re used to seeing the same thing day after day, year after year, it’s highly likely you’re going to hate spending time in that room. And let’s not talk go into how demotivating and uninspiring a bland decor can impact the way you feel and the things you do. So, if you’re feeling like […]


20 Gorgeous Christmas Door Decorations Everyone Will Absolutely Adore

It’s almost time for those jingle bells and cookies because Christmas is closing in on us so damn quickly, am I right? Don’t just sit around and miss out the fun, it’s time for you to put on your creative cap and get cracking on decorating your home for the festive season and there’s no […]


15 Coat Rack Ideas You’ll Want In Your Home

With winter fast approaching, you may want to start thinking about making your own coat rack. Not only is it practical but it ensures that your home will never become cluttered and messy from the coats and jackets are strewn around the entryway. The following are a list of the best modern and stylish ways […]


10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

We all want to look our best as much as we can but as time-consuming and the amount of effort it takes, it’s not so easy. However, thanks to fellow brilliant girls who found epic ways to make things much easier and better, we no longer have to put in that much time. With the […]