9 Hacks To Get Rid Of Stubborn Stains The Easy Way

Let’s be real here for a second. Stains can be a huge pain in the backside, am I right? And the best part about life, you’re bound to experience getting frustrated with tough and nasty stains that never seem to get cleaned. So many times, I’d get excited and hopeful with a new and promising stain removal product only to be let down after countless scrubbing attempts.

That’s why I love fellow bloggers because they know their stuff! Below is one of the BEST ways to remove stubborn stains without any hassle and of course save so much money. You’ll never have to throw money again on those useless ‘cleaning’ products ever again. Doesn’t that sound great?

From a carpet stain remover hack that works wonders to even removing cast iron stains, you’ll find just about everything you need right here.

1. 2-Ingredient Carpet Stain Remover

Hack via kidsactivitiesblog

This carpet stain remover is great for getting rid of tough stains either in your home or car. All you have to do is pour 1/3 hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and fill the remaining with water. Also, add a few drops of lemon essential oil that will help break down the particles.

2. Restore Cast Iron Pans

Hack via thekitchn

Turn a rusty, old cast iron pan back to new simply by using a few things such as steel wool, dish soap, vegetable oil, aluminum foil and a few other essentials. Head over to the tutorial to find out out the exact steps.

3. Hard Water Stain Remover

Hack via fabulesslyfrugal

Getting rid of hard water stains have never been this easy before. Simply make a mixture of coca-cola and vodka and pour it into a spray bottle. Then spray onto the windows and allow it to sit for at least an hour.

4. Remove Carpet Stains

Hack via theshabbycreekcottage

If the above carpet stain remover didn’t cut it for you, then this one might! For this, all you need is Windex and a little effort on your part. Simply spray the area with the solution and use an old cloth to soak it in. Then, start rubbing rigorously. Do head over to the hack to see the before and after!

5. Remove Ink Stains

Hack via thekrazycouponlady

Being a crafty girl, you’re bound to end up with ink stains on your clothes. This hack shows us how hairspray works wonders in getting rid of the stain.

6. Bakeware Stain Remover

Hack via ehow

Before you throw away your old, stained bakeware, try this amazing hack that will easily remove the stains!

7. Remove Yellow Armpit Stains

Hack via onegoodthingbyjillee

Yellow armpit stains can be quite unsightly and a little embarrassing! All you need to do is create a mixture of dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. You may also need a toothbrush or something to scrub with.

8. Clothes Stain Remover

Hack via myfrugaladventures

This hack claims to remove just about any stain. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s true all right! And it only requires three ingredients: baking soda, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide.

9. Remove Makeup Stains

Hack via cosmopolitan

Make use of shower cream to remove makeup stains from clothes.

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I'm INSANELY happy to have found these amazing ways to get rid of hard and tough stains! There's also easy and simple ways to remove rust from pans, ink stains, window marks and so much more. Definitely saving this for later!


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