7 Borderline Genius Dollar Store Ideas You’ll Love

dollar store diy projects

There’s one thing about DIY projects that many don’t talk about and that is how costly it can be. Sometimes the amount of supplies that you need to buy makes you regret taking on a certain project. That’s why I love the dollar store. Everything is just so cheap and with the help of few smart tricks from other people, you’ll find great ways to make use of cheap supplies and turn them into a gorgeous piece for your home decor.

Below is a list of amazing things you make using items and supplies from the dollar store that won’t burn a hole through your project. You’ll be able to create as many things as you want without any guilty feelings. Sounds too good to be true, right? Prepare yourself!

1. Frame Lantern

Hack via  Do It on a Dime

2. DIY Rope Basket

Hack via iheartorganizing

3. Round Placemat

Hack via youtube

4. Homework Caddy

Hack via chocolatesforbreakfast

5. Mason Jar Soap Pump

Hack via aprettylifeinthesuburbs

6. Adorable Cat Tent

Hack via dearcrissy

7. Foam Wreath

Hack via modpodgerocksblog

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