10 Best Craft Room Organization Ideas Worth Stealing

Craft room organization

If you’re searching for amazing ways to organize your craft room, the hop onto this train because what I’m about to show you will definitely blow your mind. I’m a serious crafty person but for a long time, my craft room was disorganized and cluttered to the point of wanting to hide it from shame. And, you know how easy it is to make such as mess especially if you have quite a bit of art supplies.

However, sorting the mess wasn’t really a problem since I was determined. The problem was finding ways to organize the supplies in a proper way where it would say organized for a long time to come. That’s why when I came across the following craft room storage hacks, I was pretty close to crying glitter!

Below are easy, quick and pretty DIY organization hacks that are definitely worth a shot. Promise!

1. DIY Copper Pipe Washi Tape Organizer

Hack via somethingturquoise

Make your desk decor look fabulous while being super organized with this easy DIY copper pipe washi tape dispenser.

2. DIY Wine Rack For Yarn

Hack via repeatcrafterme

If you have a large collection of yarn, then you’ll love this easy diy wine rack that can be used to organize all your yarn by colors once and for all.

3.  IKEA Spice Rack

Hack via 7layerstudio

This one is quite simple. All you have to do is reuse an IKEA spice racker as a ribbon organizer.

4. Clear Hanging Pocket Organizers

Hack via fallfordiy

Clear hanging pockets are great for organizing so many things. And they’re very cheap! Pick one up from a dollar store and fill the pocket with craft supplies. You could choose to store different things or you can also store paint in them.

5. Sequin Storage

Hack via neatandtangled

This is an amazing way to store sequins in a clean and neat way. You’ll never have to worry about them getting mixed together. You could make use of a container with sections or small clear bottles will do the trick.

6. Tic Tac Ribbon Organization

Hack via goodhousekeeping

Ready for a little recycling project you can actually use? Then you have to try out making this fantastic ribbon dispenser from a tic tac container!

7.  Ikea RASKOG Cart

Hack via Laura Vorlicek

A cart on wheels is perfect is you want to move from room to room. Also, it has quite a bit of space to store many art supplies.

8. Filing Fabric Organizer

Hack via thinkingcloset

What a clever idea! Instead of folding and stacking fabric, you can use a filing system to organize fabrics.

9. Craft Room Pegboard

Hack via somethingturquoise

Make your own craft room pegboard with this tutorial over at somethingturquoise. It cuts down on a cluttered desk and cupboard, but most importantly everything is organized well.

10. DIY Hanging Paint Storage

Hack via madincrafts

This is a cheap and easy way to organize paint by the use of PVC and wire shelves. Head over to madincrafts and she’ll show you the exact steps to recreate this masterpiece that will make life so much better.

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These Craft Room Organization ideas are really good. Great ways to organize craft supplies and it just takes a few, quick steps that are easy enough for anyone. Definitely saving this home hack for later


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