8 Baking Cabinet Organization Ideas That’ll Save Your Sanity

If you’re as clueless when it comes to organizing anything like myself, then you’re going to find joy in these simple and easy organizing hacks that will leave your home neat and clean with just a few steps. I’ve always hated looking at my baking cabinet because it looked terrible. Open packets, utensils were strewn everywhere, and baking used to take forever since so much time got wasted looking for a certain measuring cup.

With the following baking cabinet organization ideas, you’ll find amazing ways to ensure everything stays organized without much effort on your part. It may seem hard at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll actually start enjoying creating this fabulous organized system!

1. Printable Pantry Labels

Hack via thecreativityexchange

Ditch the ingredient packets and invest in clear long containers that will make your baking cabinet look like it walked out of a magazine. You’ll never have to go digging through anything anymore with this beautiful system.

2.  Chalkboard Baking Cabinet Door

Hack via modishandmain

Make baking ten times easier with this easy diy measuring chalkboard for your cabinet door.

3. Cookie Cutter Storage

Hack via twofeetfirst

If you’re the kind who has a ton of cookie cutters then this hack is perfect for you. But it also works if you use a small mason jar too for less cookie cutters.

4. Sprinkles Storage Hack

Hack via bakerella

Who said a spice rack can only be used for spices? This fantastic hack shows us how to display and store sprinkles using a spice rack. Pretty genius, right!

5. Organized Baking Supplies

Hack via amynewnostalgia

Make use of a sectioned container or tupperware to organize baking supplies such as cupcake liners and categorize nozzles.

6. Cupcake Liners in Mason Jars

Hack via cupcakesandcrinoline

A large mason jar works great for storing cupcake liners and the best part is that they stay clean and in shape.

7. DIY Pegboard Storage

Hack via inspiredbycharm

If you don’t have enough cabinet space, simply make this pretty DIY pegboard which can be used to hang measuring spoons and other supplies in small wire baskets. And, it kind of also upgrades the kitchen decor really well.

8. Color-Coded Cabinet

Hack via toriejayne

I love how simple and clean this baking cabinet it. With a variety of mason jars and containers in pretty pastel colors, your baking cabinet will be super organized. Also, the additional hanging storage on the doors adds extra space. One more thing, be sure to use labels since that’s honestly the best key to finding things without creating a mess.

Got a better tip for us? Leave a comment below and we’ll love to feature you in this post! 🙂

Happy organizing!

I'm blown away by these AMAZING Baking Cabinet Organization Ideas. Such easy and simple ways to organize a messy baking cabinet once and for all. Definitely going to be rearranging mines really soon.


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