8 Amazing Sewing Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss

I’m a huge lover of sewing and I guess it runs in my blood since my mum has been sewing for years! But unfortunately, I’m not as sharp as her since I tend to make loads of mistakes but it’s such a useful skill to have or learn because it tends to come in handy when you really need it. If you’re looking for brilliant ways to make sewing a little easier, then you’ve come to right place.

Down below are some of the best tips and tricks for both beginners and masters at sewing that works wonders. You’ll find clever DIY projects such as shape mannequins, hoop organizer, and a pin dish as well as other smart hacks.

Let’s get stitching!

1. DIY Magnetic Pin Dish

Hack via sarahjanescraftblog

This is a great hack for those times when you don’t have a pin cushion. Simply add two magnets under a dish and you have pin dish that will keep the pins in place.

2. DIY Shape Sewing Mannequin

Hack via handimania

Mannequins don’t come cheap, that’s for sure. Make your own mannequin with the use of duct tape, a t-shirt, and stuffing.

3. Needle Threading Hack

Hack via artofmanliness

Having a tough time treading a needle, especially with those tiny holes? Then this hack will show you exactly how to fix that!

4. DIY Embroidery Hoop Organizer

Hack via u-createcrafts

I love embroidery and I’m always finding spools of the thread either missing or in a complete mess. Easily make this simple yet effective embroidery hoop organizer that does the trick and makes your home look great.

5. Stitching Perfect Quilt Lines

Hack via makery

You know those epic quilts with those fantastic lines running down them? With this easy trick, you’ll be able to sew your very own quilt with lines in no time.

6. Easily Gather Fabric

Hack via raegunramblings

Thread snapping can be a huge pain that’s why this hack is loved so much. It shows you the simplest way to gather fabric the right way.

7. How To Easily Sew Circles

Hack via threadsmagazine

One of the hardest things to sew are circles, am I right? Check out the hack above to find out how unlucky you were to have suffered for so long! This hack makes it seem so easy.

8. Binder Clip Hack

Hack via thesewingloftblog

Sometimes, when you’re trying to sew a straight edging and then the fabric moves, making your straight line look nowhere near straight. A great way to hold the fabric in place is by using binder clips.

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These sewing hacks are seriously AMAZING! Can't believe I missed out on them all this time. Sewing tips and tricks that will really help you out. Definitely going to try them out soon.

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