8 Genius Valentine Pun Gifts You’ll Fall In Love With

Whenever Valentine’s day comes rolling in, there’s one thing I’m sure to make every single year – punny gifts. These adorable pun gifts will seriously make you laugh your ass off! It’s a great way to gift a loved one and get all giddy when they’re about to open it. The smiles induced are better than a ‘thank you’, right?

Also, these are kid friendly too, so go ahead and have your kids join in and make a few for friends and classmates. It’s quick and easy to make, but the best part is that it’s quite cheap too.

You’re bound to have a TON of fun, promise!

1. Life would “succ” without you.

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This is my absolute favorite! I’m a huge sucker for anything to do with succulents and these colored paper bags are amazing!

2. “Sprinkled” with love.

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Okay, how cute is this?! Bake a donut, add sprinkles, wrap it in clear plastic and finish it off with this perfect free printable card.

3. I think you are just “write!”

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This is a perfect pun gift if you’re giving it out to many kids at once.

4. “Donut” go breaking my heart.

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Oh, I bet you’re having a tough time deciding which one is better, right?

5. I am nuts about you

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Simply stamp a paper bag with the pun and then fill it with peanuts. Add a glittered heart and a peg to finish it off.

6. We are MINT to be!

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Fill a bag of sweets and just stable on this epic, sweet message.

7. You’re the “balm.”

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And THIS is the bomb!

8. You are one in a “melon.”

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These DIY Valentine Pun Gift Ideas are SO CUTE. I can't wait to try making them. So funny too! Definitely saving these diy projects for later.


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