18 Unique And Fun Wine Bottle Craft Ideas Worth Trying

The one thing most of us craft and DIY lovers pride ourselves on is being able to recycle old and unwanted items into gorgeous, useful and unique products for our homes. For those of you who tend to enjoy drinking wine and find yourself with one too many empty wine bottle around your place, we may have a few epic ideas on how you can reuse those bottles in a crafty way.

I don’t think I have to ask you to make sure those wine bottles are empty, am I right (lol)?

With that being the case, it’s time for you to get creative because these 20 unique and fun wine bottle craft ideas will totally sober you up and give you something pretty to look at in case you’re down with a hangover.

1. DIY Christmas Lights In A Wine Bottle Idea

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2. DIY Fall Themed Wine Bottle Craft Project

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3. DIY Exquisite Wine Bottle Lamp

via madamecriativa

4. Make Your Own Chic Wine Bottle Lamp

via cleverlyinspired

5. DIY Rustic Wine Bottle Chandelier

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6. Create Your Very Own Collection Of Wine Bottle Picture Frames

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7. DIY Cut Out Wine Bottle Plant Holders

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8. DIY Wine Bottle Wind Chime 

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9. Craft Cute White Wine Vases With An Old Book

via thewickerhouse

10. DIY Outdoor Wine Bottle Candle Holders

via ruffledblog

11. DIY Floating Candle Holders Made From Wine Bottles

via lacrema

12. Make Super Cute Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles

via weddingwindow.

13. DIY Winter Themed Snowman Bottle

via christmas.lovetoknow

14. DIY Succulant And Terrarium Desk Decor

via melted-bottle

15. Incredibly Beautiful Wine Bottle Center Pieces

via glitterglueandpaint

16. DIY Hanging Bird Feeder

via thegardenroofcoop

17. DIY Cheap Bookshelf Using Wood And Wine Bottles

via flickr

18. Frosted Wine Bottle Craft Idea

via savedbylovecreations

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Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

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