18 Travel Inspired Home Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Home Look Amazing

Who said you need to travel in order to feel like you’re traveling?  Most of us have that urge to get out and explore the world but if luck and time aren’t on your side, you could always settle for these fantastic travel inspired DIY projects. Though if you have traveled quite a bit, then we’ve got some great ideas to help display your beautiful moments.

You’ll find ways to decorate your home with frames, light up globes, fun wall signs, and other map projects that will no doubt highlight your memories in the most pleasant and gorgeous way possible. Even your guests will be stunned by the high level of creativity. Especially the frame ideas, you’ll never forget that vacation!

Add a wanderlust feel to your home simply by making a few of the following home decor crafts. Hit us with a comment below and tell us which one is your favorite! For me, I absolutely love the hanging polaroid photo display. It’s an incredibly genius way to display your photos! I highly recommend you give it a shot.

1.  Travel Souvenir Shadow Box

via athletesabroad

2. Decoupage Map “Travel” Wall Sign

via dotandbo

3. Trunk Photo and Souvenir Board

via myhomemystyle

4. Hanging Polaroid Photo Display Project

via likeabobo

5. Easy Souvenir Postcard “Tree”

via ruffledblog

6. Hanging Globe

via thebravelife

7. DIY Map Votive

via popsugar

8. Travel Theme Display

via hazelandruby

9. Map and Scrabble Letters Shadow Box

via etsy

10. Upcycle Globe

via simplydarrling

11. Embroidered United States of America Pillow

via dosmallthingswithlove

12. Map heart art

via cinsarah

13. Map-Embellished Vase

via hgtv

14. Map And Travel Shelf

via mycreativedays

15.  DIY Wooden World Map

via thehappierhomemaker

16. Souvenir Showcase Jars

via womansday

17. Map TV trays

via todayscreativelife

18. Memory Jar

via choosecraftiness

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Awesome travel inspired home decor ideas

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