15 DIY Old Book Craft Ideas That Are Beautifully Vintage Looking

If you’re a bookworm like myself and have a ton of old books that are taking up too much space and you’ve read them enough to know them by heart, you might want to stick around because I’ve found a list of old book crafts that can be quite handy in recycling those steamy romance novels into something more amazing.

Believe me when I tell you that most of the DIY craft ideas below can be a great way to add a vintage touch to your home, especially with the wreath and book clock I’ve featured in this list.

1. DIY Autumn Leaves Using An Old Book

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2. DIY Vintage Star Craft Idea

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3. DIY Vintage Lamp Base Using Old Books

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4. DIY Cup Coasters

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5. DIY Book Page Pumpkin Craft

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6. DIY Book Planter For Any Desk 

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7. How To Make Your Own Book Safe

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8. Make A Gorgeous Bridal Rose Bouquet Using Old Books

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9. Recycle Book Pages Into Storage Pouches

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10. An Amazing DIY Book Clock You Absolutely Must Try

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11. DIY Colorful Book Marks

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12. DIY Vintage Paper Wreath 

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13. Cute DIY Book Flowers

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14. An Amazing DIY Handbag Using A Book

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15. Vintage DIY Flowers For Hanging Ornaments And Chandeliers

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