20 Unbelievable Glue Gun Craft Ideas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

If you’ve immersed yourself in the world of DIY and crafts, it will come as no surprise to you that a glue gun is super useful but I had absolutely no idea just how incredible of a tool it can be.

While scanning through a ton of DIY’s and craft tutorials this weekend, I stumbled upon a number of glue gun crafts that caused an explosive reaction in my tiny brain (lol).

I’m fully aware of the price tag of a very reputable glue gun but if you’re starting out, even a 30 – 50 dollar glue gun is perfect for creating some of these eye-catching DIY crafts. From unique vases to magical wands, there’s no limit to the fun you can have with a glue gun and a bit of imagination.

Oh wait, you can ignore the imagination part since I’ve put together a list of super creative glue gun craft ideas you can try out for yourself!

DIY Wreath Using Pages From A Book

via allparenting

2. Creative Vase Decoration Using A Glue Gun

via homeheartcraft

3. DIY Textured Roller For Clay And Pottery Work

via potteryblog

4. DIY Mini Pallet Coasters (Simply Outstanding)

via youtube

5. No Sew DIY Teepee Tutorial

via thehandmadehome

6. Beautiful And Sweet DIY Heart Pendant

via youtube

7. Magical DIY Harry Potter Wand Using A Glue Gun

via boxycolonial

8. DIY Glue Gun Snowflakes For Festive Decorations

via muslinandmerlot

9. Make A Driftwood Ornament Using A Glue Gun

via creativeinchicago

10. Transform A Normal Egg Into An Epic Dragon Egg

via ourpeacefulplanet

11. Make This Nautical Seashell Mirror

via savingmorethanme

12. Make A Sexy Ice Queen Masquerade Mask

via klairedelys

13. Adorable DIY Leather Tassel

via today

14. Cute DIY Hot Glue Rings

via dreamalittlebigger

15. DIY Coiled Rope Bag (No Sewing Involved)

via aliceandlois

16. DIY Anthro Knockoff Bracelet Tutorial

via flamingotoes

17. DIY Confetti Cake Topping

via auntpeaches

18. DIY Mini Coil Rope Basket

via designsponge

19. DIY Candy Dot Earrings Using A Glue Gun

via mintedstrawberry

20. Arty And Colorful Stained Glass

via donnadowney

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DIY Glue Gun Craft Ideas


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