15 Wine Glass Decorating Ideas That Will Blow You Away

If you’re just as mad about recycling and upcycling project as us, then you’re in for a huge treat! Are there old wine glasses lying around, maybe one that is a little cracked, or the one you’re never going to use again? Then whatever you do, don’t trash them because then you’re really going to regret it. The following is a list of mindblowing ways to reuse wine glasses that will make your home decor look perfect!

I’m talking holiday decoration ideas such as Christmas, beach themed decor options, candle holders, and even gorgeous succulent mini terrariums. No worries though because these aren’t just ideas, we’ve got a few with step by step tutorials too!

Not only are they easy to make, they definitely turn out really well. Also, if you love the wine glass decoration ideas below, then you’ll be swooning over these fun wine bottle craft ideas!

1. Wine Glass Planter

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2. DIY Bell Ornaments

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3. Beachy Wine Glass Candle Holder

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4. Christmas Wine Glass Candle Centerpiece

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5. Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holder

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6. Garden Cress Wine Glass Holder

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7. Wine Glass Candle Holder

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8. Wine Glasses As Vases

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9. DIY Personalized Glitter Wine Glass

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10. Wine Glass Mini Terrariums

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11. Wine Glass Lamps

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12. Hand Painted Berries

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13. Wine Glass Terrariums

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14. Wine Glass Bird Feeder

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15. Bride and Groom Wine Glasses

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Wine Glass Decorating Ideas

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