12 Christmas Table Decoration Ideas You’ll Want To Try

As busy and stressful as Christmas can be, that shouldn’t hold you back from cutting down on your creative skills. Well, one thing’s for sure, you’re really not going to be able to resist after you see the fantastic ways a table can be decorated for Christmas.

Make your Christmas even better by adding a personalized touch of uniqueness with these easy to make DIY decorations. Here you’ll find the best inspiration to spice things up this year. Especially if you’re looking for a classy, modern look or perhaps something totally Christmas-y, you’ll find just about anything to suit your needs.

So, why not set aside a bit of time as soon as you can and get started on these great projects. Luckily enough, these DIY projects are inexpensive so you can skip the guilty feelings of going beyond your budget and just enjoy the satisfaction of making your very own gorgeous decorations.

Here from Crafts on Fire, we hope you and your loved ones enjoy a Merry Christmas!

1. Silverware Stockings

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2. Candy Cane Name Holders

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3. DIY Christmas Tree Stir Sticks

via freutcake

4. Winter Wonderland

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5. DIY Floating Candle Holders

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6. Snowflake Table Runner

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7. Christmas Tree Napkin

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8. DIY Boxwood Wreath Place Cards

via jane-can

9. Painted Leaf Napkin Holders

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10. Christmas Tree Place Cards

via marthastewart

11. Ornamental Place Card Holders

via riciclotutto

12. Elongated Table Wreath

via poppytalk

If you liked the above and perhaps looking for more amazing DIY ideas for Christmas to make the day even more special, then you may find 15 DIY Christmas Centerpieces You Can’t Go Wrong With and 30 Best DIY Christmas Ornaments Anyone Can Make of interest.


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