30 Best DIY Christmas Ornaments Anyone Can Make

Can you hear the jingle bells ringing? Well, dear reader you better get ready because the best time of the year is almost here and so is Santa! Although, somehow I wish ‘Santa’ could make my wish come true by untangling the lights in a second from the previous year. You probably can imagine what a nightmare that is. But on the positive side of things, I’ve got an epic surprise for you craft lovers out there that will put a huge smile on your face.

If you’re a lover of diy projects, then the following DIY Christmas ornaments are going to have you rushing to make these fantastic homemade ornaments as soon as you can. From cute, classy button balls, wooden ornaments to even cookie cutter decorations, we’ve included the best of the best.

Not only are they gorgeous and unique, they’re actually very easy to make with step by step instructions. Trust me, I think it’s safe to say how annoying it can be when you find a really epic craft idea only to find half instructions or none at all! Am I right?

Anyhoo, I assure you that these decorations are so much better than buying them from a store. It’s a great and affordable way to make your home look beautiful and wow your guests. But, most importantly have so much fun making it.

Cheap, easy and gorgeous ornaments. Do enjoy!

1. Twine Ball Ornaments

via lovegrowswild


2. Mini Snow Globes

via nobiggie

3. Hot Air Balloon

via thecheesethief

4. Felt Stocking

via countrypainting


5. Pizzelle Candy Cones

via countryliving

6. Woodland Ornaments

via decoart

7. Button Baubles

via livelovediy

8. Rustic Wood Rounds

via mountainmodernlife


9. Mini Woodland Wreath

via thriftyandchic

10. Birdseed Cookie Cutter Ornament

via inspiraciok


11. Wine Cork Reindeers

via remodelandolacasa

12. Wooden Slates

via satoridesignforliving


13. Copper Twine Ornament

via alyssaandcarla


14. Pet Paw Prints

via makezine


15. Yarn Tree Stars

via livecrafteat


16. Photo Transfer Ornaments

via landeeseelandeedo

17. Easy Sprinkle Ornaments

via littlegrayfox


18. Scrabble Ornaments

via craftsbyamanda


19. Personalized Gold Ornaments

via pizzazzerie


20. French Macaron Ornament

via getcreativejuice


21. Santa’s Hat

via goodhousekeeping

22. Mini Chalk Ornaments

via overthebigmoon


23. Burlap Baubles

via craftordiy

24. Mini  Cornucopia

via goodhousekeeping

25. Pom Pom Ball

via northstory

26. Mason Jar

via jenniferciani

27. Pines On A Cinammon Stick

via consumercrafts

28. Confetti Dipped

via ajoyfulriot

29. Fruit Slices

via goodhousekeeping

30. DIY Paper Stars

via picklebums


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