20 Vertical Garden Ideas That Look Absolutely Beautiful And Serene

Ever since my childhood, I’ve spent most of my time either getting my hands dirty in the garden with my father or admiring it from our lounge. It’s impossible for me to imagine living anywhere that lacks the presence of something green, earthy and beautiful like a garden.

But, I’ve noticed that not everyone has the space or luxury of growing a big garden from scratch which is more or less why I wanted to compile a list of the best vertical garden ideas on the net.

It’s a new craze (even though it’s been around for ages) and with good reason because these vertical gardens have the ability to uplift and improve the appearance of any home without a lot of maintenance. What I find particularly fascinating is how people have been able to reuse and repurpose old furniture and equipment to create outstanding vertical gardens that look as if they have been taken straight out of a magazine. As an added benefit, you don’t need a lot of space to pull this off!

1. Modern Retro Steel Garden

via clickinteriores

2. Vibrant Pink Bromeliads Vertical Garden

via ranzijn

3. Spice Jars Vertical Garden

via foodmattersconway

4. Outdoors Chicken Wire Vertical Pot Garden

via countryliving

5. Chained Up Repurposed Vertical Garden Idea

via nifymag

6. Convert Used Crates Into A Mounted Vertical Garden

via qonser

7. Convert Your Patio Wall Into A Wooden Vertical Garden

via aglaya-artefloral

8. Mount Flower Pots To Create A Stunning Vertical Garden

via nonsprecare

9. Floating Wooden Shelves Vertical Garden

via nhanvat

10. Double Story Flowery Vertical Garden

via locongress

11. Convert Used Cans Into A Garden Patch

via weheartit

12. Indoor Tropical Vertical Garden

via trimoos

13. Pallet Vertical Garden Idea

via mommaonthemove

14. Wall Of Living Green Art

via houstonchronicle

15. Another Repurposed Wooden Vertical Garden Idea

via redstickranch

16. Mini Fairytale Garden Idea

via manteman


17. Tiered Terracotta And Succulant Vertical Garden

via ultimatechristoph

18. Arty Green Garden With Old Frames And Tea Sets

via havven

19. Convert Stacked Drawers Into A Front Porch Vertical Garden

via diytomake

20. Modern, Elegant And Arty Wall Garden

via craftberrybush



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