10 Fall Party Ideas You’ll Have A Blast Trying

It’s that time of the year when the leaves fall, parties are hosted and everyone is in the mood to have a super fun and warm time. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with awesome Halloween ideas and it struck me that when I decide to host a fall party in the upcoming weeks, I need some ideas that will blow the socks off my feet.

So, I decided to put on my detective cap, pull out my good old magnifying glass and search in the deep dark web to find the best fall party ideas. Guess what? It was an absolute success because I discovered what I consider to be the 10 best fall party ideas you’ll have a blast trying.

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Acorns

Give me anything with peanut butter and chocolate and I’ll most likely be your best friend in the whole world. These little edible acorns are the cutest addition to any fall party and they taste absolutely divine.

via throughherlookingglass

2. Pumpkin Punch Bowl

Are you in the mood to carve pumpkins for Halloween? How about serving a super tasty punch, soup or apple cider vinegar concoction to your guests? This perfectly themed pumpkin punch bowl may just be the finishing touch you need for your fall party and it won’t cost you any additional money.

via goodhousekeeping

3. Hot Chocolate Bar

Hmm, call me crazy but I could devour every single jar of chocolatey candy on that table in a single day. I think it’s so awesome to put together a hot-chocolate bar for your guests, especially if you’re hosting a kid-friendly fall party. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been talked about before but I’m 100% sure that it’s going to become a popular fall tradition in the very near future.

via ithappensinablink

4. Cute Apple Shaped Cupcakes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I’m not so sure they were talking about these kinda ‘apples’ but I’ll be more than happy to make and serve these to my guests. All you really need to do is bake heart-shaped cupcakes, slap on some colored icing, use green sour or sweet worms for the leaves and pretzel sticks to finish them off.

via makeandtakes

5. Popcorn And Cob Bouquets

If you’re hosting a fall movie party night, these popcorn bouquets are perfect for your night. The fact that they look like actual corn plants is an added touch that gets an extra point for creativity. Simple, classy and cute. I like it!

via smartschoolhouse

6. Caramel Apple Bar

Let me tell you something, nothing is more traditionally themed and party inspired than an apple and caramel bar. This idea takes me right back to my childhood when all my cousins used to get together and flock around our mums as they prepared these delicious caramel treats for us. Much like the chocolate bar, it’s open for everyone and they have full control over the combination of addons they want.

via craftberrybush

7. Halloween Pumpkin Birthday Party

Just because you can’t host a pool party for a birthday doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy and fun during this time of the year. This Halloween and fall party idea is definitely something to look into. You could get a cake that’s designed as a ghost, bat or spider, create cool pumpkin carvings and have your guests dress up in Halloween outfits to surprise the birthday girl or boy.

via bendthelightblog

8. Candles Made With Apples

In all honesty, I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who converted apples into candle light holders for a party before so this took me by surprise. Turns out, not only is it perfect for a fall party but it quickly becomes an attraction to guests as soon as they lay eyes on it. All you need are apples, candlesticks, apple cider vinegar (to kill any bacteria on the apples) and lemon or salt water to preserve these apples and slow down the time in which they turn brown.

via littlegreennotebook.com

9. Spooky Witch Party 

You can never go wrong with a traditional witch-themed fall party idea and the end result above is a testament to that. The floating pointy hats, black and white table decor and the addition of simple accessories like mirrors and broomsticks on a chalkboard work perfectly to capture the feel of a witches lair.

via yourhomebasedmom

10. Outdoor Movie With Popcorn Bar

I’ve really been in the mood to watch movies with my friends and family this season which is why I couldn’t help but feature this cool outdoor movie party idea with a popcorn bar.The combination of different candy is a nice little touch as well. Rather than serve cold beverages, combine this idea with the hot chocolate bar above and you’ll knock this fall movie party idea out of the park.

via babble

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