45 Awesome Painted Rocks Ideas

You might have come across a few painted rocks before but I can assure you, you haven’t seen these fabulous babies yet! I especially love the idea of painting pretty or inspirational pictures on them since it’s a cheap DIY idea that is great to get the kids and family involved too. Or, maybe if you’re looking for ways to upgrade your home decor, then I highly recommend you to check out these painted rocks below. Plus, these kinds of DIY projects are a great way to let go of daily life stresses and just relax. We all need some downtime once in a while, right?

Just a quick tip: If you’re a newbie to this, then you might one to make sure to use a clean rock that has a flat surface, something like river rocks. You might also need a few other things like different size paint brushes, acrylic paint, spray paint, and modge podge outdoor sealant (this is very important, especially if you’re going to display the rocks outside. It would be a sad sight to see your hard work and beautiful design get washed away by the rain).

Inspiring words to spread kindness via hellowonderful

Owl painted rocks via frugalfun4boys

Moon via etsy

Beach Themed via etsy

Productivity quote via pinterest

Today is my day via pinterest

Ladybug via craftsbyamanda

Fish painted stones via flicker

Adorable bird via hesellsshesells

Rock photo holder via onelittleproject

Minimalistic drawings via flicker

Fox painted rock via lilblueboo

Cute characters via Instagram

Motifs of blue via freshdesignpedia

Inspirational quote via etsy

Galaxy painted rock via colormadehappy

Adorable penguin via etsy

Whale painted stone via pinterest

Polka dot rainbow via iconosquare

Cute little whales via Etsy

Autumn theme stones via handpaintedrocks

Snowman via Instagram

Snowflakes painted stones via taraleave

Hedgehog painted stone via easypeasyandfun

Hope via etsy

Painted heart via Etsy

Cute monster via purplecandy

Words via instagram

Hand-painted rock for garden via etsy

Kindness painted rock via modpodgerocksblog

Little bird via livingvintageco

Coffee themed via Instagram

Painted flowers via ebay

Painted cat via pinterest

Emoji Rocks via cbf-fund

White and blue mandala via cave-spring-crafts

Be you quote via Instagram

Colorful rocks via thecraftyblogstalker

Galaxy heart via colormadehappy

You can move mountains via etsy

Harry Potter quotes via pinterest

Harry Potter via Instagram

Love via etsy

Stress quote via theodysseyonline

Painted cactus via thewhoot


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