15 Halloween Window Decoration Ideas That Are Eye Popping

Halloween is literally around the corner and I’m so damn excited to get started with decorating my home. Every year, I tend to mess around inside but I decided that for Halloween 2017, I’m pulling no punches and going over the top.

Which is why I recently published a list of Halloween door decorations and pumpkin carving ideas just for you! Today, however, I’ve come across a list of 15 decor ideas for your windows that are going to take your festive decorating abilities to a whole new level.

I’m planning on being the one house on the street that took Halloween too far in terms of decorations and I hope that you join in on the fun. So, let’s get cracking because I honestly believe you’re going to love some of the super creative ideas on this list.

1. Spooky Glowing Monster Mashup

I don’t know about you but the thought of all eyes being on me is freaky making this mashup of monsters with glowing eyes perfect. You can use glow in the dark paper for the eyes, foil or plain colored paper. The one thing that is non-negotiable is the ‘body’ of your monsters should, for the most part, be pitch black. Throw in a few lights behind your monsters and you have a winner.

via instructables

2. Adorable Traditional Halloween Setup

If all you’re looking for is warm and welcoming window decoration that encompasses the fun of Halloween, perhaps this setup will be best for you. It doesn’t require much work besides arranging your Halloween items and hanging string lights.

via enchanting-autumn

3. Half Stuck In The Afterlife Dimension

If you have an old skeleton in the closet (get it?) or some cash to outlay, then you can totally pull off this epic Halloween decoration. I swear, if I walked into a room and was greeted half a skeleton, I’d scream. I really would.

via flickr

4. Creepy Little Dead Girl

Ordinarily, kids are cute and adorable but the one time of the year when they’re not is during Halloween and with good reason. You’ve watched the new Anabelle, right? Creepy as hell! If you can’t afford to search and buy a doll like this, you can simply reuse one of your dolls from childhood. Pop out the eyes, paint it white and the eyes black, break off a few fingers and throw on some shabby clothes. That should do the trick!

5. Trapped Behind A Web Of Lies

Wow! Just, wow! This one blew me away. Just look at all the thought that went behind setting this up. From what appears to be vines to the spiderweb, absolutely amazing!

via residencestyle

6. 50 Shades Of Ghosts

Nobody said Halloween has to be ugly and scary. In this case, the usage of black blinds/shades with white cartoonish looking ghosts is super adorable. I’m more than certain you can find pre-existing blinds of this nature but if not, all you need is a printout of a vector ghost, any color paint of your choice and blinds/shades.

via marthastewart

7. Bloody Dystopian Message

This looks like something you’d see in a Zombie movie or dystopian drama. The simplicity of it is what makes this window decoration so awesome. All you need is some red paint and a freaky message to seal the deal. Oh, don’t forget to leave behind your bloody handprint!

via brooklynlimestone

8. Monster Mayhem For Kids

This decoration is just so cute! I love that these monsters look as if they are straight out of a kids book or movie (Monsters Inc, anyone?) All you need is cardboard, scissors, some markers, and creativity. The backlight creates a silhouette effect to complete the look.

via pegitboard

9. The Devil Is In The Details

I know that this should scare me but I can’t help but laugh at this demon cutout. It looks ridiculous, almost like a demon you’d find in a spoof horror movie. It get’s a thumbs up from me!

10. Evil Double Window Pumpkin Face

Something about this window decoration makes me think of hell! Regardless of that, it’s a wonderful idea for those dual window layouts. All you need is a cardboard the size of your window, both in height and width, fold it in half, draw and cut out the eyebrow, eye and mouth and by the time you open it up in full, it should appear as a complete evil pumpkin face.

11. Super Creepy Glowing Ghost

Finally, we’ve reached the item on this list that I consider to be the scariest. Till this day, horror movies make use of white sheet ghosts (so to say) because they’re nothing short of being super scary! For this decoration, you’ll need an old white dress or white sheets, an old mannequin (if available), a white or grey wig and blue or white lights to create the glowing effect.

via windowdepotusa

12. The Classic Light Up Jack-O-Lantern Decoration

Halloween isn’t Halloween without our good ol’ friend Jack! There’s not much to it but the effect is awesome. All you need are string lights, some wire or tape and some cardboard to pull this off with style.

via 2acremeadow

13. Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeleton

I might be developing a skeleton fetish because I’ve features quite a bit of them in this list but it can’t be helped, they really suit the theme of Halloween. For this DIY, a simple black stick on skeleton will suffice, white sheets and perhaps a few spiders or bugs to stick around it.

via sheknows

14. Bloody Murder Scene

No Halloween list is complete without a fake bloody murder scene. Unlike our earlier bloody message on the window, this particular idea focuses on gore over creepiness! All you need is some red paint or fake blood. Just sprinkle and splash it on your window until it looks messy. That’s really all you need to do to achieve this effect.

via photobucket

15. The Walking Dead Trapped In Your Window

Anyone know where to find Rick Grimes and gang because I’d rather avoid getting my hands dirty killing zombies! Trust me, zombies are always a good idea for Halloween especially when they look this good. Granted, you’ll need to do a bit of shopping for the zombie figure but the end result is surely worth it.

via wesharepics

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