30 Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Will Absolutely Love This Fall

It’s the festive season and carving pumpkins is a must do for anyone in any part of the world. There’s something traditionally exciting and fun about participating in holiday preparations and I just can’t help but wear a huge grin on my face while writing this post.

Prior to compiling this list of pumpkin carving ideas, I published a post on Halloween Door Decorations that I think you need to check out. One of the common features in that post is the presence of pumpkins. They’re suitable for every holiday, from Halloween to New Years and in this article, I’ve got the best pumpkin carving ideas laid out for you below.

For most of the DIY’s below, you really don’t need to spend much money apart from buying actual pumpkins. You will, however, need equipment for carving such as knives, a screwdriver and a drill.

Start by slicing the top of the pumpkin over and scoop out all the insides (cook it since they’re perfectly edible if you bought your pumpkins recently). With the seeds, you can either dispose of it, keep them for planting or simply eat them.

The choice is yours but I love to snack on pumpkin seeds.

Thereafter, with your pumpkin shell, either outline the areas that will be carved with a marker or use a stencil to color in. Once you’ve reached this point, carve your pumpkin and then show off your masterpiece to the world! With that being said, check out these 30 pumpkin carving ideas and choose the ones which tickle your fancy.

1. Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin Carving

via thislilpiglet

2. Tree Of Life

via digsdigs

3. The Haunted House For Your House

via muminawe

4. Carve Your Own Cute Emojis

via alittlecraftinyourday

5. Billy The Silly Pumpkin

via skiptomylou

6. Bouquet Head Pumpkin

via totally-flowers.easywebstore

7. Monsters Inc

via instagram

8. The Traditional And Classic Jack-O-Pumpkin

via travelswithkaye

9. Cute Kitty Pumpkin Carving

via woodlandspark

10. Topless Pumpkin Patch

via southernliving

11. Personalized Pumpkins

via hgtv

12. Wacky Hairy Pumpkin Couple

via womansday

13. Tinkerbell Fairy Dust White Pumpkin

via instructables

14. Beautiful Rose Petals Carving

via deepeningmindfulness

15. Ugly Witch Carved Pumpkin

via extremepumpkins

16. Hungry Monster Pumpkin

via flair

17. Googly Eye Cute Monster Pumpkins

via bhg

18. Traditional Happy Halloween Carving

via etsy

19. Gorgeous Lace Design White Pumpkins

via marthastewart

20. Swirling Snail Pumpkin Carving Idea

via alphamom

21. Traditional Text On Pumpkins

via whipperberry

22. It’s An Owls Life 

via www.womansday

23. Glittery And Engraved Pumpkin Design

via handmadeintheheartland

24. Puppy Love Ain’t Like Any Other Love

via drivenbydecor

25. Scary Skull Carving

via breezycheetahpop

26. Nightmare On Elm Street

via countryliving

27. Starlit Sky On A Pumpkin

via designsponge

28. Minions Are A Must Have

via coolpumpkindesigns

29. Moody Mister Monster

via one-stop-party-ideas

30. Tom And Jerry

via hu.pinterest

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