20 Incredible Halloween Door Decorations You Have To Try

Halloween is quickly creeping around the corner and I absolutely cannot wait for it! After watching IT, I’m seriously considering dressing up as Pennywise for Halloween because that will be the coolest costume ever. With that being said, there’s no better time for DIY and fun with the family than during the festive season which is why I couldn’t help but find the best Halloween door decorations for 2017.

1. Eaten Alive Door Decor

It may be the time for trigger treating but just be careful that you don’t become the treat! This super creative idea of hanging teeth shaped cut offs on your porch is quite possibly the most frugal and creative Halloween door decoration. It doesn’t cost much and you can color in the teeth with your kids! That’s a win-win situation in my books.

via craftibilities

2. The Door Mummy

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find Tom Cruise on the other end of this door but it’s definitely a cool quick way to decorate your door for Halloween. All you really need is tissue paper but if you really want to take things a step further, throw on some red paint on the tissue beforehand to create a bloody mummy effect!

3. Googly Eye Monster

Nothing is as cute as a grumpy googly-eyed monster, am I right? This DIY works perfectly for colored doors and you only really need some sticky tape, colored ribbons for the hair and regular paper for the eyes. If you’re not feeling the angry grumpy vibe, just shape the mouth and eyebrows to your heart’s content!

via passion-for-parties

4. Floating Maleficent Door Decoration

I was going to write that it’s a pity we can’t have Angelina Jolie as a door decoration but I realized how damn creepy that sounds! Yikes! Nevertheless, this magnificent door decoration is quite a fabulous idea if you are low on time and just need something creative quick.

via etsy

5. Scary Graveyard In Your Front Yard

Nothing says Halloween better than a graveyard themed front porch and that’s exactly what you see in this awesome DIY. It can take some time to set everything up and get all the necessary items but the end result is nothing less than AMAZING!

via womansday

6. Why So Serious? The Joker’s Door

If I saw a house with a Joker decorated door for Halloween, you can bet that I’ll be knocking on it for candy! You don’t really need to do much besides pick up a large joker poster of this nature or use different colored paper to cut individual aspects of his face as needed. Just Google search Joker vectors and a bunch should pop up!

via blackandwhiteobsession

7. Traditional Witch And Wizardry Entrance

Another popular theme for Halloween comes in the forms of witches and wizards. Creepily carved pumpkins, a fog machine, red apples in buckets, an old broomstick and stuffed leggings with boots may just be everything you need for a super quirky but creepy Halloween door decor. Seriously, who wouldn’t be blown away being greeted by a witch at someone’s front door!

8. Trapped And Burning Alive Garage Door

I really like this DIY because of how cool and simple it is. All you need are some stickers of footprints and hands stuck on different variations of amber backgrounds to pull off this burning building design. Super easy but brilliant!

via bhg

9. Adorable Flurry Door Decoration

Just because it’s a scary holiday doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some cuteness into the mix. Not all monsters are horrific, some are actually small, cute and cuddly (like me, haha). Some fluffy or woolen black material with paper eye cut outs is all you need for this DIY.

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10. Enter The Fiery Hell

It’s hell, do I even need to say anything to convince you that a hell-themed Halloween decor will be frighteningly perfect? As Shia Labeouf would say, DO IT! JUST…DO IT! 

via thriftyandchic

11. Floating Ghost

Another classic decoration I simply couldn’t resist including in this list is a floating white sheet ghost. Granted, it takes a lot of work to pull off the setup in the picture above but wouldn’t it look absolutely outstanding if you did? You’ll need pumpkins, corn plants, a white sheet for your ghost or an actual old white outfit and a light underneath it to create a glowing effect. If you visit a thrift store, you may be able to pick up some of these items at a killing!

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12. Candy Crazy Halloween Countdown

If you have the time and want to enjoy the holiday season from much in advance, then perhaps this DIY candy countdown of Halloween may just be perfect for you. You’ll probably need to pick up a few wooden planks or a board, some pumpkins and small items like skulls and paint but the end result looks pretty cool. Totally worth the small price! If you have a chalkboard, that will work perfectly as well!

via iheartnaptime

13. Banner Bonanza Front Door

Yes, before you ask, banners are still in fashion and will probably always be despite the influx of digital signage! I prefer making my own and I’ll be featuring a list of banner tutorials in an upcoming post so keep an eye out for that. But, if you’d like, you can just buy a pre-designed banner especially as they become more available during the holiday season.

via lisafroststudio

14. The Bat Cave

I’m pretty sure my brother will love this tutorial because he is a huge Batman fan! Although the above picture is just a rough idea of what can be achieved with a few ornaments, plastic items, and stickers, you can easily turn this into a Batman inspired Halloween door decoration by throwing in stickers with joker’s infamous laugh and green paint.

via onegoodthingbyjillee

15. Dead Tree Door Sticker

The Conjuring, the exorcism of Emily Rose and most horror movies have one thing in common, an old and spooky tree! I just checked on Amazon as well as eBay and found a bunch of tree stickers just like this one at a super low cost (just a few bucks).

via midwestliving

16. Authentic Spooky Ghost

I know, I know, this is the second ghost door decor on this list but it just caught my attention. It’s incredibly designed! All the shrubs and leaves (probably synthetic) bordering the door with just a simple white ghost is the perfect combination. The bright contrast is just so eye-catching! 10/10 for presentation and effort, that’s for sure 🙂

via thewhitehare

17. The Handy Mummy

The mummy returns, get it? 😉 I’ll work on my catch lines while you can take a moment to admire the creativity that went into this door decoration. It’s so simple yet so marvelous that I can’t help but take my hat off to the individual who made this! Really, hats off to you. Perhaps, when I try this decoration, you could give me a hand?

via bowerpowerblog

18. Creepy Spider Nest

Full disclosure, I’m scared of spiders. Like really, seriously, crazily scared of spiders. Just something about the way they look irks me (probably because of Harry Potter). Needless to say, this decoration would freak me out which is pretty much what you want to achieve from a Halloween door decoration.Oh, yeah, you’ll probably need to purchase a giant inflatable spider for this DIY.

via thegardenglove

19. Funky Witches Garage Door

Which witch would you pitch a movie as a witch (Wow, I’m really losing it now hey)! For this DIY, I suggest getting a hold of a large piece of foam (preferably black or you can paint it) that you can carve into this scene. Once you’re done with the carving, attach some string lights behind it to create a glowing effect.

via instructables

20. The Black Widow

Last but certainly not least, this black widow door decoration is super creepy and appropriate for those of you who want to go with a morbid feel over a quirky layout. All you need are some plastic spiders, black net and a few tree branches to pull this look off!

via goodwillnne

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