10 Best Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great This Fall

With the fall approaching soon, it’s time to break out the pumpkin and cinnamon scents! I love doing them every year since it’s a great way to uplift your mood, relax and calm yourself. But most importantly, get rid of the bad odors in your home.

To make sure your home smells warm and amazing this season is by making these fantastic and easy diy scents. If you think lavender and citrus scents are amazing, then just wait till you’ve tried the following.

I’m already excited for that moment when you smell these. I swear you’re in for a great Fall!

1. Cinnamon and apple syrup

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Make this delicious cinnamon and apple syrup that takes at least 15 minutes but goes perfectly with french toast while leaving a heavenly smell drifting through your kitchen.

2. Scented pinecones

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Easily soak pine cones into a bowl of cinnamon essential oils for the best scented decoration with this amazing hack and add a few cinnamon sticks to top off the display.

3. DIY potpourri

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I’m a huge lover of making potpourri and this particular one is the best out there. If you’re in the mood to make something amazing, then you really need to try this mixture of essential oils, dried herbs, and other spices such as clove and cinnamon sticks.

4. Simmering spices in pot

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If you’re not in the breakfast mood for apple sauce on french toast and just looking for a quick and easy method that can last for a long while, simply add a few apple slices, orange peels, cinnamon sticks and cloves to a pot of water and you can heat that up on the stove whenever you like.

5. Coffee beans and pumpkin spice votives

via calmcradle

Oh boy, do I love this one! Literally, no effort involved other than light these babies up. The pumpkin spice votive can be found in quite a few stores so definitely check those out. Your home will be smelling exactly like a warm coffee shop.

6. Cinnamon wrapped candles

via homestoriesatoz

If you’re looking to have a cinnamon-y scent in your home, then this DIY tutorial is perfect you. All it really involves is tying cinnamon sticks with twine to a candle. Simple, right? Plus this makes a gorgeous table or mantle centerpiece.

7. Natural cleaning powder

via hellonatural

You know how we love to make use of those citrus and lavender cleaning products during the summer? Well, why not switch things up by making this 3 ingredient bathroom cleaning powder that combines cinnamon, baking soda, and cloves. The best part? You won’t want to leave the bathroom after you get a whiff of it!

8. Apple pie soap

via happinessishomemade

Ever since coming across homemade soap recipes, I’m totally obsessed. This apple pie soap is so awesome that leaves a fresh lingering scent and it only takes 10 minutes to make.

9. Granola baked apples

via themagicalslowcooker

If you haven’t come across these yet, let me be honest with you. Gurl, you are so missing out! Check out this fantastic recipe that shows you how to make this easy breezy baked apples that are beyond delicious, smells so divine and will no doubt have you reaching for the next one.

10. Natural water infused scents

via theyummylife

Wow, this water infused scents went really viral with over 1 million pins! Yup, because it’s that good. Head over to the tutorial to find out all the fantastic combinations you can do to make your home smell great.

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