7 Life Changing Tips To Organize A Messy Closet

I’m not sure about you but have you ever experienced that moment where one day you’re like, ‘let’s do this!’ and you’re all pumped up to get that messy closet back to what it’s supposed to be but the second you pick up that wrinkled shirt you just know it’s not going to be easy, so you just end up slowwwwly closing the door and say ‘maybe next time’ and it just ends up staying that way for months?

Or what about that time when you finally organize everything only to find it’s a mess the next week?

Just me?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but yes, my closet was definitely something I had to hide.

It’s so easy for a closet to become the messiest and dysfunctional area but why is it so hard for it to stay clean?!

This has been my constant battle for years and as time goes by, you’re no longer motivated to actually tackle the mess because it’s most likely never going to stay that way.

The struggle doesn’t end there either. I know many people who really want to organize their closet but the problem comes down to not knowing how to do it the right way.

Thanks to frustration, I knew I had to sort it out once and for all.

And that too, the absolute right way so it can stay in an organized system for a long time to come.

1. Start With The Worst Shelf

Yup, this has been one of the most successful methods for getting it done.

Simply by starting with the area that you feel will be the hardest, you’ll find yourself realizing that it’s not as hard as you thought.

 And once you finish off the tough part, the rest becomes much easier.

2. The 6 Month Rule

This is probably one of the most helpful rule that you can find which will give you that extra boost to get rid of things that have not been used in the last 6 months.

There’s no point in keeping old clothes that aren’t going to be worn.

I’m 100% guilty as charged.

Someone out there can make good use of it thanks to you and a great way to do this is by donation.

Personally, I always love to follow this mantra: The more you give, the more you’ll get.

Once you give away those old sweaters, jerseys, jeans, and shirts, you’ll notice how much space it was sucking!

3. Storage Dividers

To be completely honest, these storage boxes for underwear and socks are literally the best thing you can ever have.

No matter how many times I tried sorting my underwear shelf, neatly folding and arranging, it NEVER stayed that way no matter what I tried.

Within a few days, everything just ended up getting mixed up together, mix match socks, you name it.

Until I found these amazing foldable storage organizers that not only successfully keep your clothes organized but ensures a system for keeping it that way!

Definitely great for storing small things. I highly recommend getting these cheap fold-able storage organizers.

4. Shoe Organizer

I have this simple low shelf in my closet that somehow is pretty impressive at turning my pair of shoes into a lovely messy heap! No really.

These over the door hangers are fantastic for storing shoes!

You won’t have to worry about your expensive shoes getting damaged with this baby!

Also, we recently did an organization post and found that these over the door hanger is great for organizing many other things like cleaning supplies, makeup, kids toys, snacks and much more.

5. Use The Top Space

A fantastic way to create more storage space for out of season clothes and items is by using storage baskets and placing them at the very top of your closet.

 If you have a closet similar to the above picture, then this diy solution will be perfect for you.

It’s especially great for clearing up space for the stuff you’re actually going to use.

6. Hang It

I swear this diy hack from The Shabby Creek must be one of the most brilliant clothes tip I’ve seen yet!

All it takes is a can tab to secure two hangers together and you’ve got yourself a perfect solution to create more space.

Plus the great thing about this is that you can easily match up outfits that are ready to go.

7. Clear Containers

Sometimes, it might be a little emotionally hard to part with things you’ve had for quite some time and maybe a certain t-shirt reminds you of that awesome day you had at the beach with family or friends or maybe that outfit you wore on that special day brings back all the happy or bittersweet memories but you know you’re never going to wear it again. There’s nothing wrong with keeping them though.

Clear containers will be a win win solution that will help you organize and store these things away efficiently as well as bulky items.

I have a lot of heavy textbooks and study guides from the last three years and I hate to leave them piled around my room so these clear containers are perfect for storing them away neatly.

As you can see, it’s not that hard once you get your hands into it, so to say. With great and workable solutions, organizing becomes a breeze and something you’ll want to do.

Though, I just wish I knew these smart little tricks before.

It would have saved me from all that stress!


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