6 Brilliant Ways To Recycle Coffee Grounds

As much as I love a good cup of coffee on a rainy day, it doesn’t sit well with my stomach.

It’s such a shame because it’s down right tasty!

Since I’m left with a ton of coffee grounds which I won’t be able to drink anymore, I’ve found brilliant new ways to make use of them.

No sugar coating here!

These coffee ground hacks are fantastic for around the house.

1. Homemade Candles

Great scented candles are not cheap and that’s why I love making my own.

It may not look as good as the store-bought ones but it definitely serves its purpose.

If you want your home smelling like coffee, this tutorial shows you exactly how to make use of a paper cup, candle wick, saucepan, and coffee grounds to make an awesome homemade scented coffee candle!

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2. DIY Soap

via Popsugar

As a fellow sleepy head (read: zombie), this caffeinated soap may just be right to give you that extra boost in the morning.

Just to give you a heads up for this tutorial, you will need: 8 ounces glycerin soap, used coffee grounds, vanilla, powdered milk, and a few other things.

If you’re not into making soaps, you might one to check out these reasonable caffeinated soaps.

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3. Pest Repellent

A great way to make sure your plants are never destroyed by pests is by sprinkling some used coffee grounds on them.

Since used coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, they can also be added to a compost heap in your garden for fertilization later on.

4. Get Rid Of Food Odors

So many times when I open the fridge only to be blasted with strong food odors!

If you faced something similar, all you have to do is leave an open container of used coffee grounds and that will soak up the odor for a couple of weeks.

5. Garbage Disposal Cleaners

Looking for an easy way to ensure your garbage disposal smells great and stays cleaner for longer?

Then this epic diy tutorial from PopSugar is just for you!

A peek at the main ingredients you will need:

  • Used coffee grounds
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Vanilla

6. Clean Hands

After cutting onions or garlic, you’re bound to have smelly hands (I simply hate when that happens).

Just before you start cutting, keep a bowl of coffee grounds by your side and once you’re done, grab a handful and rub your hands.

Just like how coffee grounds are effective in getting rid of odors from a fridge, it’s also effective in absorbing the odors from your hands.

But then again, an awesome garlic chopper like this one will do the dirty job for us.


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