9 Bathroom Decor Ideas Your Home Needs

We tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially those busy mornings when you need to bolt really soon. The bad thing though is that it’s very easy for the bathroom to become a clutter-filled mess or maybe it kind of dawns on you how shabby the decor really is. Before you know it, it has become one of the most disorganized places in your home. Sounds familiar? Thankfully, with just a few of these following tips and tricks, your bathroom will become perfectly organized and look fabulous at the same time. I know a lot of DIY’s promise that it’s going to look really good but then end up looking like a cheap grade item that just gets tossed into the bin within a few days. However, I can ensure you that these bathroom decor ideas are definitely a winner!

1.  Toilet Paper Holder Shelf 

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I’ve always wanted a small shelf by the toilet where my phone can sit since I hate to leave it on the floor. This particular shelf is stylish, easy to make and serves its purpose really well. A peek at what you will need: Wood, Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Care stain, corner brackets, and screws.

2. DIY Butcher Block Vanity

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If you’re an owner of a small bathroom, then this one is perfect for you since it saves a lot of space and you have everything you need in one spot.

3. Frame a Bathroom Mirror

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And if you’re an owner of a large bathroom, then you’re going to thank your lucky stars for this one. This tutorial shows you how to get this gorgeous setup that won’t leave a dent in your pocket. A peek at what you will need: Wood, miter saw, staple Gun & staples, and wood glue

4. Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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Wow! How gorgeous does this floral pattern look, right? This tutorial is easy enough for those who aren’t really a crafty person. A peek at what you will need: Peel and stick wallpaper, cutting mat, rotary cutter and a ruler.

5. Magazine Wall Rack

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If you’re a lover of relaxing with a magazine in the bathroom and since they tend to take up a lot of space, a simple solution is to make use of the wall space. Check out this awesome tutorial that shows you the exact steps. A peek at what you will need: pine, level, nail gun and paint.

6. Mason Jars

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Oh boy! Mason jars have become one of favorite diy craft projects and they look so chic in this tutorial. This tutorial involves securing the mason jars to wood and they can be used to store things like toothpaste, cotton buds, makeup brushes and much more. The added bonus is that it avoids the counter clutter! A peek at what you will need: mason jars, hose clamps, wood, and wood stain.

7. Mason Jar Storage

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If you’re not into the previous mason jar craft idea, then this one might suit your taste. Make use of your old mason jars by painting them and then using sandpaper to get that distressed look. It’s really great for storing all the necessary bathroom supplies. A peek at what you will need: Amy Howard One Step Paint in Bauhaus Buff, clear coat sealant, mason jar soap lid converter kit and a paint brush.

8. File Box Organizer

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A great way to store your hair tools is by attaching a file box with wall hooks to the side of a cabinet or onto one of the walls.

9. Towel Storage

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We usually have this one closet that we use to keep the towels but sometimes we end up forgetting to take a towel and it can become a little annoying. So I was searching for a way to store the towels in the bathroom without it looking like a mess or taking up a lot of space and luckily, this particular tutorial does just that. A peek at what you will need: baskets, cordless screwdriver, and brackets.

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