6 Cleaning Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Home Spotless

If you’re like me, there’s nothing more I hate in this world than cleaning. I find it dirty, frustrating and my face outwardly expresses multiple ‘eww’ faces while cleaning, especially if something hasn’t been cleaned in a while!

You know what I mean. I see you there! I’m sure you haven’t tackled those small spaces that are collecting dust or getting that grime out from the groves of your stove plates yet.

As terrible as cleaning is, there’s no getting out of it because the longer it stays that way, the worst it becomes.

As a person who has experienced this ‘nightmare’ so to say, I found the following little secrets that proved to be quite beneficial when it comes to cleaning.

It’s quite funny when the answer is right before our eyes but we just don’t see it. Not yet, anyway.

Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered with reasonably priced ingredients (some which you might already have in your house!) that are effective in cleaning.

Without rambling any further, let’s get onto the juicy tips.

1. Olive Oil

Not only is olive oil a powerful solution for getting rid of fingerprints from appliances but it can keep it clean for much longer. All you have to do is pour a drop of olive oil onto a paper towel and clean. If there’s excess oil, wipe the surface with a clean paper towel.

That’s not all.

Just to list a few more cleaning benefits of olive oil:

  • polish wood furniture
  • cleaning garden tool easier
  • clean cast-iron pans
  • repair scratches
  • shine stainless steel

The directions and methods for the above mentioned can be found over at Apartment Therapy.

2. White Vinegar

We recently wrote a post about the best bathroom cleaning hacks and one of the options to clean a shower head was filling a bag with water and white vinegar and tying it to the shower head since this is an effortless and effective way to make sure the shower head gets thoroughly cleaned.

Another fantastic way to get rid of those nasty hard to clean water spots from kitchen and bathroom faucets is by pouring the white vinegar on a microfiber cloth and letting that sit on the faucets for about 15 minutes before wiping away.

Not only will it get rid of those unsightly water spots but it will leave your faucets very shiny!

3. Cornstarch

Looking for a way to clean your windows the right way? Simply create a mixture in a cup of vinegar, teaspoon of cornstarch and add a cup of water to that.

This solution is efficient in getting rid of grime while leaving the windows spotless.

Cornstarch can also be used to get rid of oil stains by throwing some onto the spot and leaving it for an hour before you begin cleaning. This also works for stains on leather!

Other uses of cornstarch include:

  • Polish silverware
  • Bug bites
  • DIY deodorant
  • Deodorise smelly shoes
  • Squeaky floorboards

4. Ice Cubes

A fantastic idea to get rid of the terrible smell from your garbage disposal is by making vinegar ice cubes and then popping them down the drain. After the disposal grinds the cubes, just pour cold water. The smell will be solved in no time.

Check out this awesome infograph from The Secrety Umiverse that gives us an idea of more things that we can do with just ice cubes:

5. Coffee Filter

I’m very touchy about what I use to dust my computer screen and if it had to ever get scratched, I’d definitely lose it.

I’m always glued to my computer but unfortunately, it’s not easy to prevent the screen from collecting dust.

A great way to wipe TV and computer screens (that is safe!) is by using coffee filters since it doesn’t leave any residue.

6. Aluminum Foil

Like olive oil, foil also works great for polishing silverware as well as scrubbing leftover pieces of food from oven trays.

One thing’s for sure, normal household products work really well when it comes to cleaning.

Not only are they reasonable but they’re quite effective in solving many problems.

For instance, there’s a long list of olive oil benefits and uses that actually work. From health, cleaning, to even beauty!

It’s definitely my go-to product.

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