21 Back To School Organization Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

Ever find yourself gritting your teeth in frustration because of the mess around you?

What about those school mornings when time is running out but you keep coming across mixed match pairs of socks or shoes and suddenly nothing is where it’s supposed to be?

Let’s not mention that little streak of sweat running down the side of your face when you’ve just realised the kids lunch is no where near ready yet.

Did you just get the chills? I sure did.

Below is a list of smart little tricks you can to do that will surely help you get more organized!

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1. Create a snack station via goodhousekeeping

The best way to organize snacks and things for kids is by emptying out an easy to reach cupboard so whenever your kids are feeling for a biscuit or chocolate, they can easily help themselves.

By using a few of these containers, one can easily achieve this great result. Also, the best thing about having an organized snack station is that if you’re running a little late, it become much easier to find what you’re looking for!

2. Closet organization ideas via realitydaydream

‘One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words’, you might have come across this saying before and seeing the picture below, I believe there’s no better words than this one. A lot of mums find it tough to get their little one’s dressed and ready for school and it’s no easy task when the closet is in a mess!

This fantastic tutorial shows you how to transform your kids closet into an organized system that actually works. Just by installing these crates with cup hooks, having clothes organized becomes a breeze.

3. Daily Clothes Organization via onelittleproject

I love the simplicity of this idea. All it takes it printing out the days of the week onto a card and just placing it on the set of clothes you’ve just organized. This way, you already have sets of clothes set out for an entire week and you know for sure it’s going to say clean and organized for an entire week.

4. Mini Homework Station via thehouseofsmiths

A functional and clean way to have all school supplies in one area. I love how this particular station can be made for kids, teens and even college students.

It’s quite easy to make since this particular tututorialhows you step by step on how to make the pencil holder by using a can, metal rods cuts into small pieces and stuck onto the can with glue and finally spraying the clamps with gold metallic spray paint.

I’m definitely going to make this pencil holder really soon! To get god metallic spray paint at a the best possible price, it can be found right over here.

Head over to the tutorial to find out how to assemble the rest of the station.

5. School supply organization via Making Lemonade

This ikea cart is the best solution for having all kids supplies in one place. On one shelf you can store their crayons, pencils and other stationary, on the next shelf you can store other supplies and the last shelf can be used for colouring books, story books, and sweets. It has wheels on them and makes it much easier to push it around.

6. Hacks on how to pack lunches ahead of time via echoesoflaughter

After spending time on the interest and Pinterest, I don’t think I can ever let go of another container or basket again! Over at echoesoflaughter, they show us great ways to prepare lunch in advance and with the help of these containers and large baskets, we can easily keep everything organized.

7. After School Snack Basket via Studio 5

How clever is this! Studio 5 gives us fantastic tip for making sure there are a reasonable control sized potions of snacks with these ziplock bags for after school. It’s perfect if you’re the kind of person constantly on the go or to just tide over your kids until dinner time.

8. Shoe Organizer via WonderfulIdeasForYou

A great way to ensure shoes aren’t lying around the house or just all over the place is by installing metal baskets. It’s the perfect way to ensure shoes are easily accessible and organized rather than in a cluttered heap.

9. School night checklist via 36th Avenue

This checklist is actually a printable placed inside a frame. It’s basically a dry erase checklist board and I love it to bits!

10. Family Command Centre via askannamoseley

11. Shoe Organizer for Supplies via abowlfulloflemons

12. Backpack Station via prettyprudent

13. School Lunch Station via uncommondesignsonline

14. Homework Supplies Caddy via cleanmama

15. Snack Organization via bloominghomestead

16. DIY Organization Station via tatertotsandjello

17. Ziplock Daily Clothes Organizer via thesunnysideupblog

18. Paper Command Station via bhg

19. Tired School Supply Stand via TheCraftingChicks

20. Mail, Letters, Notes organization via schoolofdecorating

21. Simple snack and lunch organization via apartmenttherapy

Lastly, please don’t forget to pin the image below so you’ll always have these ideas on hand! Also, follow Craftsonfire on Pinterest to get the latest and hottest DIY tips.

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