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Home is where the heart is, right? It’s also the place where you can be yourself and escape the stresses of the world. Unfortunately, times are such that we can never be too safe and adding an extra amount of security can go a long way in creating a private space.

With that being said, here’s a list of really easy and effective ways to tighten up the privacy in your yard so that you can relax without the worry of being disturbed or annoyed.

1. Outdoor Privacy Screens

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These wooden based privacy screens are the perfect movable accessory for any yard because they provide an excellent shield from prying eyes and can be used in different places as you wish. This could serve as a fence between you and your neighbor or could be converted into an outside changing room by the pool.

2. Lattice Panels

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Another effective and affordable structure for privacy is lattice panels. You can literally get them in any size and at most stores. Paint them, wrap material around them or simply use them as is. They look awesome and work well!

3. Tall And Large Garden Pots

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You may need a bit of cash for this one because garden pots can get quite pricey depending on where you pick them up from. But, if you do, couple them with plants or trees that are known to grow tall and big to create some privacy.

4. Bamboo Screening

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Whenever I see bamboo trees, I can’t help but picture myself in an awesome Japanese garden sipping some healthy green tea. Bamboos are pretty resilient trees that tend to grow really tall! They could make the perfect barrier for your yard without breaking the bank.

5. Design A Garden Wall

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Wanna grow some veggies or flowers? Looking to block some sunshine and create a barrier at the same time? No problem, check out this tutorial on how to create your own garden wall with ease!

6. Hanging Tiered Pots And Vines

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The idea of hanging tiered pots is to separate them between 2 – 3 layers so that when your plants grow, they create a beautiful plant structure that provides shade and some privacy to open areas like your porch.

7. Outdoor Gorgeous Curtains

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Curtains are exquisite, right? Not many people realize just how effective curtains made from outdoor fabrics that are water-resistant can be! Just make sure to purchase a strong quality curtain that will last for ample years.

8. Hedge Walls

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Last, but certainly not least, grow a good old fashion hedge. If you decide to do this from scratch, it will take some substantial time before they grow tall and big enough. However, adding some mature plants and trees may just speed the process up if you have the money or contacts who are willing to spare a few for free.

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