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Who says that a small apartment can’t look sleek, stylish and snazzy!

I, for one, have somewhat of a fetish for cute and small apartments and whilst going through a compilation of style hacks for apartments, it dawned on me that a list of space saving hacks would be the perfect post for you ladies.

1. Behind The Door Towel Rods

The very same gadgets you’d install on your bathroom wall can be installed behind your door. It’s a neat little hack that adds an extra touch of elegance to a compact bathroom.

2. Under The Bed Storage Bins

No room for a desk or bed-side drawers? Don’t sweat it! Pick up a few of these storage bins from your local grocery store, pack your goods in them and slide them under your bed where they’re out of sight.

3. Huge Mirrors

The thing with big mirrors is that they create the illusion of space. Install one of these massive mirrors in a room with white walls. Trust me, it will make a world of a difference.

4. Pull Down Desk

I absolutely LOVE this hack! Just take a look at how sleek and gorgeous this pull down desk is. I’m not sure if these are sold as it but if not, take a look at the DIY tutorial below.

5. Ceiling Shelves

Ordinarily, lots of ceiling space goes to waste which is why ceiling shelves for all your books and ornaments may just be the perfect way to use that empty space in a cool way.

6. Vertical Command Center

via bhg

No space for a typical horizontal white board? Don’t worry, all is not lost. Make use of your walls by creating a long vertical command center with mini white boards and chalk boards.

7. Sexy And Skinny Sofa Table

For about 20 – 50 bucks, you can pick up this sleek table that sits flush against the back of your sofa creating the perfect space for you to place little orchards, LED powered lights and remotes!

8. Corner Shelving

Not more than a week ago I purchased a shower shelf that sits flush against the corner of the wall! Usually, these corner shelves don’t cost a lot to make and are the perfect storage space for picture frames, trophies and so on.

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