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Believe it or not, I have to sweep my home almost 2 – 3 times a day because of how easily dust collects. I’m not even sure WHY! The only thing I can do is find as many ways to optimize and speed up the process (wow I sound so fancy, optimize lol).

Needless to say, I’ve found a list of 8 incredibly easy ways to dust your home in record time from the awesome Krazy Coupon Lady! Give these a try and let me know your thoughts thereafter.

1. Dryer Sheets For BaseBoards And Electronics

Dryer sheets are super, super, super affordable and they do a fantastic job of cleaning up dust from those places that are prone to damage like baseboards and electronics. They’re very soft and won’t scratch anything.

2. Wrap A Towel Around Your Broom

Why not exploit the length of a broom by wrapping a towel around it and wiping those hard to reach places like ceilings cupboards.

3. Cotton Swab Your Keyboard

You probably already know that a plain old cloth won’t do the trick of cleaning your keyboard because most of the dust ends up in the narrow spaces between the keys. Use a few cotton swabs instead!

4.  Use An Old Pillowcase To Clean Fan Blades

Another place where dust accumulates, especially during winter, is on your fan. That’s not healthy at all for your sinuses. If you slide an old pillow case over the fan blade and pull back, it will pull and store all the dust from the fan blades rather effectively.

5. Wear Old Socks On Your Hands

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory but try wearing two old socks on your hands and walk around the house shining up those freshly dusted surfaces.

6. Brush Your Plants Clean

If you have plants inside your home, it’s not entirely uncommon for dust to settle on the leaves. Use an old toothbrush with some water to clean up your plants and give them a fresh new greener look.

7. Vacuum Books

This technique seems super unorthodox but trust me it works. The last thing you want to do is use anything damp on your books because this can cause all sorts of damage. Instead, run a vacuum over all your books and it ought to suck up any dust or grime that accumulated over time.

8. Use A Lint Roller To Clean Fabric Based Furniture

Last but certainly not least, a lint roller works amazingly at removing any dust or grime from lampshades, couches, and curtains. It’s a once off purchase that works really well.

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