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 Us girls tend to have a lot of makeup, I’m talking different shades lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, and the list goes on. It can get really hectic when getting ready for work or events and the next thing you know, everything just becomes one big heck of a mess. Plus, with all that clutter it’s very easy to lose a certain product. You have no idea how many small tubes of eyeshadows I’ve lost while rushing around every morning.

Not to mention the expensive lipstick I just can’t seem to remember where last I placed it.

In this post, I’ll be listing some of the absolute best and most efficient ways to organize your makeup and solve those nifty problems that a girl with loads of makeup (or little) face. You’ll be able to find great do it yourself projects that are enjoyable and doesn’t look at all homemade. Are you ready? On we go then.


A creative and stylish way to organize your makeup is by repurposing clear candle jars. It’s a simple diy that takes hardly any time and you can easily organize your makeup by its category. But mainly, this is very, very pretty.


I’ve seen magnetic containers for kitchen storage but this one takes it to a whole new level. It’s a pretty great idea since you could also hang it up on a wall and it will look as if it’s part of the decor.


Organize makeup brushes with this simple clear jar hack. However, if you don’t own as many brushes, a clever hack to store makeup brushes is this fabulous sushi mat roll up below.



via guidecentr

Check out this awesome tutorial that shows you how to take cardboard and turn it into a fabulous storage box for all kinds of makeup.


Don’t like keeping your makeup out? No problem. Head over to the tutorial to find out how to make this amazing organizer which you can easily hang up in a cupboard or behind a door.


via picklee

This may require a few things and take a little bit of effort but it’s a great way to store large bulky makeup and other accessories items.

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