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It’s not every day you come across a kitchen essential being used outdoors which is why this collection of baking soda tips comes as a big surprise to me. At home, we have a massive garden running all around our property and we absolutely love to spend time in it.

However, a big garden comes with big responsibilities! That’s why I couldn’t wait to share these tips with all of you!

1. Keep Pests Away From Your Beautiful Flowers

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Nothing is more annoying than spending weeks and months taking care of flowers only to have pests destroy all your hard work (sigh). Rather than mess up your organic garden with nasty pest repellants, sprinkling baking soda around the edges of your garden should do an awesome job of repelling pests!

2. Annihilate Ugly Crab Grass

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We honestly try so hard to grow healthy awesome looking grass in our garden but we always end up getting massive spots of ugly looking crabgrass. Apparently, sprinkling baking soda will kill them but at the same time, they can kill other grass as well so you have to be extra safe. We’ll be trying this out very soon!

3. Kill Weeds Permanently

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Ah! Another common problem in almost every single driveway is resilient weeds that literally sneak their way through the tiniest of holes or cracks in the ground. Ordinarily, we just pull them out but a better way of killing them permanently is to use baking soda regularly.

4. Clean Your Birdbaths

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Birdbaths are beautiful and make a wonderful accessory to any and all gardens. But, they require some maintenance every now and then. A baking powder paste is more than enough to clean up any build up of grime.

5. Kill Cabbageworm That Feast On Your Plants

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A few months ago, my brother planted an entire row of Kale that grew very quickly. Unfortunately, we noticed that just before the leaves were mature enough for eating, Cabbage worms would end up feeding on them. If you throw some baking soda onto the cabbage worms, they’ll die! Alternately, create a border around your plants which will prevent cabbage worms from getting anywhere near to your plants.

6. Revive Old And Dying Roses

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Use the following baking soda solution to revive dying roses – Mix 1/2 tablespoon clear ammonia, 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1-gallon water. Spray on your roses every day or second day until they’re healthy and beautiful again.

7. Repel And Deodorize Compost

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Compost stinks so bad but we need it for healthy soil and plants. The good thing is that you don’t have to put up with the horrible smell for much longer. Throwing baking soda on smelly areas of your garden will get rid of the bad smell in a very short space of time.

8. Kill Those Gooey Slugs

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I’ll be honest, I kind of feel bad for killing these guys but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Baking soda kills slugs REALLY fast so this might be something you’re interested in if you have a serious slug problem.

9. Sweeten Your Tomatoes Like Never Before

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The quickest and easiest way to fix a bitter batch of garden tomatoes is to sprinkle some baking soda around the soil of your plant. What this does is it alkalizes the soil thus resulting in sweeter tomatoes!

10. Clean Clay Pots And Your Hands

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Last but certainly not least, baking soda is an awesome cleaner for all things clay! Brighten up those dirty clay pots with a baking soda paste and then use the same paste to clean the grime off of your hands. In other words, kill two birds with one stone!

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