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The kitchen, to many, is like heaven. It’s the sanctuary where delicious food is prepared, morning coffee is consumed while catching up on the latest pins on Pinterest and also the place where a load of chores gets done.

Either way, good or bad, no home is complete without a fully functional kitchen. Sometimes, while cooking up a storm or entertaining guests, it can quickly become a chaotic paradise which is why we decided to scout the net and find 10 life-changing kitchen organizations tips that won’t break your wallet or your head.

This list will certainly help you create a system where all utensils are easy to find, the mess is limited and everything is neatly stored in pretty boxes.

With that being said, let’s dig in…

1. A Repurposed Magazine Rack

Clearly, the paperback magazine business is down to dogs (which is a huge shame because I love them) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of that old magazine rack/holder you’ve been storing away!

Simply glue or drill a few screws into your kitchen drawer, attached the holder and store things like cling wrap and foil inside them. Alternately, use it as a storage casing for those recipes you’ve printed!

Hack found from: The Wandermaker’s Mother

2. Makeshift Pull Outs

Hey, do you know those big plastic containers that are collecting dust in storage? Yeah, those! Why don’t you try using them as pretend pull outs?

Utensils and baking equipment can perfectly fit into these containers without creating a mess. If you’d like to take things a step further, get two rulers sized pieces of wood or plank, glue the bottom ends, stick them down directly against the 2 sides of your container to create a makeshift pull out compartment.

Hack found from: Everyday Organizing

3. Tension Rod Dividers

On the topic of baking utensils, another cool DIY tutorial uses old curtain rods as dividers! Plug them into your cupboard with a 5 – 10cm space between each divider. This should be enough to hold most average sized baking equipment.

Hack found from: Martha Stewart

4. Sink Caddies Wall Storage

Okay, perhaps you’ve literally run out of space in your cupboards and there’s no more room to install more. I think this neat little DIY tutorial wherein you can stick sink caddies on the wall using Velcro Command Strips. I’m thinking about installing a few for myself!

Hack found from: Make Bake Celebrate

5. Hanging Shelf Dividers

I wish I thought of this idea first because it’s awesome! Using racks, we can make use of those upper empty spaces in our drawers and pack light items like lids into them. It shouldn’t cost more than a few buck to do this DIY!

Hack found from: Buzzfeed

6. PVC Wine Rack

For those of you who are wine lovers, this one’s for you. Head over to any hardware store and pick up 4-inch PVC pipe. Paint them different colors, throw on some fairy light or simply use them as is – the choice is yours. It’s so simple yet so smart at the same time!

Hack found from: Martha Steward

7. Install Kitchen Sink Drawer That Tips Out

You may need some assistance on this one but it’s a worthwhile investment. Personally, I would add this to my kitchen sink and store all my brushes and liquid soap in them. Keep in mind, wood rots and breaks down with excessive water exposure so make sure you’ve added a sealer!

Hack found from: Domestically Speaking

8. Hanging Rail Above Your Kitchen Sink

I’ll admit, this DIY requires some work and creativity to give it more of a cleaner look. It’s convenient but not entire pretty to look at. But, it’s a great idea if you’re strapped for space!

Hack found from: ikeahackers

9. Interior Cork Boards

This is my favorite tip from them all. I’m huge on to-do lists and sticky notes but I hate the sight of a fridge plastered with the, Also, I don’t want visitors walking into my kitchen and reading my personal to-do list, it’s kind of weird. I don’t have to worry about that because of this! Attach a cork board inside one of your cupboards and use that to pin lists, recipes, forks, spoons and measuring cups.

Hack found from: My So-Called Home

10. Use An Over The Sink Shelf

THIS is a beautiful way to utilize the space above your sink. A shelf such as this one costs about 30 bucks but the upside is that no work is required on your part. Purchase, place over your sink, add items to it and you’re done!

Hack found from: Get It From Amazon

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