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When I was introduced to origami, my first impression was something along the lines of, ‘wow’ and ‘that must be frustrating to make.’ Well, I was 100% correct about the wow factor however, I was terribly wrong on the second account. Origami is relaxing and in order for you to enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll have to have patience.

Without staying calm and relaxed, and simply applying your wonderful patience to origami, you’ll find yourself becoming irritated, the instructions in front of you will become a big mumble jumble and you’ll basically just end up squashing your brightly colored origami paper. I’ve been there and done that, but it does not have to be that way.

The second time I tried making some origami designs, I found that I was really enjoying every single minute of folding and the best part is the final result. The moment you find that you have made an origami object, you will definitely feel proud and it doesn’t hurt to show off your creation to family and friends!

The moment you get into origami, the more unlikely you’ll be able to stop yourself. It’s addictive, in a good way!

Origami Tips For Beginners

Throughout life everyone finds themselves pushing the limits and trying to find new challenges to keep things interesting. Origami is one of those challenges yet not impossible. With every new fun and exciting challenge, take for instance mountain climbing, you have to know the basis.

The following are simple and easy tips that every beginner should know before you dive in.

 1. The Materials: The only material that is required for origami is a square piece of paper. Usually, I prefer using origami paper due to the texture and color but printer paper could do the job as well. If you do not have a square piece of paper, you can just measure a square of from a rectangle piece of paper and just cut it out.

2. Your Station:  In order to create proper creases, you will need a flat surface, perhaps a table/desk near your computer or TV.

3. The Folds: Before you try out any sort of origami, I suggest watching the video at the end of the post to help you understand certain folds, so that when you actually start your creation, you won’t be lost or confused about what a certain fold is or entails, i.e. of the technique.

4. The Folding: Make sure that when you are folding, the edges of your paper must line up to prevent overlapping. Also, make sure that your creases are clean and sharp, you could use your fingernail or a small ruler.

5. The Instructions: This is the most important tip. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully but if you are having some trouble trying to understand the instructions of paper, it’s perfectly fine to check out origami YouTube tutorials. Often I find myself attempting to do origami more from watching online tutorials.

6. Be Patient: Since it’s going to be your first try at origami, it’s not going to be perfect. The more practice you have, the better you get at origami. Try not to rush or simply just glance over the instructions, take your time, study the diagrams, try to figure out how each fold goes and lastly, just take your time.

The video below is a How-To which will help you get the hang of certain simple folds. I recommend using normal paper instead of all your pretty expensive ones, that way you won’t feel like you’re wasting.

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